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    • I don’t know a whole lot about F1... all I know is the cars turn better and handle better and are faster than NASCAR cup series cars (that’s debatable though, because I think if you have the air intake the same at all tracks including Talladega and Daytona)  I think on ‘Dega where you can carry more speed the F1 car would still win but it would be close.    I do know that F1 cars turn both ways equally well, and NASCAR Cup cars tend to struggle a little more with the right hand turns (usually bus stops in NASCAR), where in F1 the seems to only have to brake going into to the first part of the chicane and have more acceleration coming out of the chicane. I think Cup Cars rely more on the setup, and F1 is more driver... but you can have a great car in the Cup series and still DNF.
    • Day 507 - May 18, 2021 Started my Stack System training today by establishing a baseline. Next time I'll train is in two days with the first training time. Spent a little time on my backswing (wrists, no depth, soft but no arms), and a little time on the transition with the body (crunchy flow). I'm getting closer. I also hate how range balls fly.
    • @iacas - Definite @billchao - Definite @boogielicious - Definite @Slim_Pivot - Definite @Hardspoon - Definite @saevel25 - Definite @Carl3 - Definite @ChetlovesMer - Definite @Braivo - Likely, if in Ohio or Western PA @BradSomrak - Likely @RFKFREAK - Likely (don't make it too far a drive, please! 😂) open We're at eight Definites and three Likelys. Toward the end of May, if there are spots open, we'll allow guests of members. So if you're listed above start thinking about that.
    • when I walk & carry, my bag has a driver, 5W, 4H, 5, 7, 9i, 52* & putter. never tried 4 clubs... but think 5W, 6i, 52* & putter would suffice. Using fewer clubs and choking down with 3/4 swings is good practice 🙂
    • It's kinda crazy, but at the same point… you can kind of approximate this with some of the more advanced simulators.
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