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    • Had a nice time today golfing with my Granddaughter. We played 9 holes on "her home course" .  She was a bit down in the dumps because she didn't qualify for Monday's varsity tournament. We talked about her best golf days were still a head of her. Freshman envy I guess.  On the first tee she asked "so what are we playing for?" I told her a pitcher of beer, figuring I would destroy her mental prowess right off the bat. "You're on" was her reply. Now my mental game was taking a double take. I've been out of highschool for quite a while, but I'm pretty sure 13 year old, highschool fresh are not into beer yet. She told me she needed a stroke a hole, and that she would be playing from the women's tee, and that I would be playing from the tips.  Now I am really thinking. This time last month this young lady didn't know very much about golf. Yeah, a few long swing lessons with the course pro, and some short game stuff from me, some months ago. Trying to keep my competitive face on, I was.  Oh yeah, that she would be driving the cart......huh? Long story short she netted a 44, while grossing a 53. I think I was conned out of my own hdcp, but still won with a 41.  I was pleasently surprised at her game. I don't what youngsters her age shoot for good scores. I thought something in the 60s would have been decent. I asked her how she missed qualifying for Monday's tournament? She said she scored 51, and needed a 48.  As we were heading off the course, she told me I was going to have to wait on that pitcher of beer. For about 7.5 years. A little personal relief on my part. However, she was up for an ice cream, and soda. My treat.  What can I say. She now owns me.       
    • 86 (+15) on a 5000 yard course. My best here is 84. I really need to learn to control my emotions when I face slow players ahead of me. Today it came on hole 13. Waited for another single (walking as was I) to get out of range. Talked to him at the next tee box to see if he had called the rangers about a 4ball that wasnt letting singles play through. He had another single in front of them. Neither of them wanted to join up which didn't make sense. Had the first 12 holes done in 65 minutes, then it took 80-90 minutes fot the last 6 holes. I know that is normal pace, but it is more than twice as slow as I had been going. I'm glad I kept my head in the game enough to finish the round without killing my score
    • I have the Smart Sole S AND a Callaway 58 C-grind 8 bounce. Yes I know they're both 58. And yes I use both of them. The SS S for deep rough and soft sand, and the Callaway for hard pan, tight lies, and firm sand. All of which exist on the same course. I don't carry a FW so I have room in my bag.
    • In my last post I did mention that when I first took up the game, I "held onto" the club like grim death! There was nothing "natural" about the release for me, it was something I had to learn to do, something I had to try to do. It finally started to happen when golf really grabbed me hard, and I found myself in a situation where I could practice nearly every day. I was also reading instructional articles in Golf Digest back when it was actually a worthwhile read! This would be late 60's early 70's.  It happened when I became able to hit a ball with a right to left curve. I'm right handed. At first, I'd occasionally let it go too early and hit a quacker off the planet! But eventually, I was able to dial it back and wound up with a nice baby draw ball flight.  I think many confuse a "flip" with a release. A flip is a disaster. A proper release is a thing of joy! It's something that I'm actually re-learning this year.HI is down to 13.1 from 14.4 and I'm hitting the ball farther than I have in a while. 
    • Day 432 30 minutes with the putter, primarily working on hitting the ball squarely and through the putt.  Have too much of a habit of not continuing through. Greens were a bit difficult for me today, the course changed the locations of the holes on the practice green and I could not simply trust memory.
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