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    • I have my monthly lesson scheduled for tomorrow. My ballstriking has really improved over the last 6 weeks so I am satisfied with how I am progressing with the full swing. Contact is consistently near the center of the face and inside the grooves, but strike location does vary day to day; some days are center, some days are more toward toe, some days are more toward the heel. But I seem to have eliminated extreme variation in strike location. Thin shots happen more often than fat shots, but both of those misses are infrequent. That said, I still have a lot work to do. Since adding a grip check to my pre-shot routine, I haven't hit any snap hooks. My ball flight on good shots is generally straight and high with a slight draw. Occasionally I will hit a cut, which starts on target and fades a bit right, maybe losing a little distance (0.5-1 club), but goes where I am aimed. My main miss right now is a block out to the right, especially off the tee with 4 iron - 3W. Doesn't seem to happen with driver or 6 iron-LW, and doesn't seem to happen on approach shots. In my last round this directly cost me 5 penalty strokes, and this doesn't account for negative strokes gained from being in a bad position approaching the green. I would guess I might be losing another 1-2 strokes from being out of position on the right when the ball stays in play. My initial thought is that this is a path issue, but I don't know mechanically what I am doing to cause my path to be too far in>out on some swings. There's also a possibility that I am hitting the ball where I am aligned, and I just suck at alignment sometimes. If I can get out for a twilight round before my lesson I am going to bring an alignment stick and use it to align myself on tee shots to see if this is a problem. Notes for tomorrow's lesson: What am I doing when I hit a big block out to the right? Most of the time it happens on tee shots, rarely on approach shots. Usually happens with 4/5-irons, 3h and 3W, but not recently with driver, and almost never with 6i-LW. Might have the same priority piece as last lesson, which is to continue working on hip/core turn. In the last month, I've made some progress in hips getting more open at impact, but not sure if I'm all the way where I should be. Need some tips on uphill lag putts. Struggling to get a feel for the right speed. For downhill putts, I give myself a mental target short of the hole, and this works really well for me (usually end up lagging within 2-3 feet). For uphill putts, if I give myself a mental target slightly past the hole, I end up hitting it past the hole. Could be I just need to calibrate my mental target better, or maybe I need a different method.
    • I'd be curious what you think if you go for it.  Prior to this year, and doing that kind of research, I'd played Titleist Velocity that I could find used for about 50 cents a ball.  This year, after doing the research, particularly on the benefits of the urethane cover, i tried the Pro V1x.  Still used, but quite a step up to about $1.65 a ball for prior year's model.  The difference around the green is crazy. Pitch shots from 50 - 100 yards in stop on a dime, and chipping around the green with high lofted clubs gets almost no roll.  I still remember my first round of the year with the new ball, and i had a chip from just a few feet off the green with a 54 degree wedge, and it checked up and stopped after just a few feet of roll.  My buddy and I looked at each other both with that WTF look.  I don't really notice too much difference off the tee, putting, or on longer approach shots.  But there is just so much more control around the green, and don't think ill be going back to Velocity any time soon.
    • @bkuehn1952, First off, congrats for finishing the composite challenge. That has got to be a really good feeling, knowing that on a miracle day, you could shoot 18 under par (or better), even if it's on a combination of courses and not just a single one.  Now, for the kicker, you have no idea how close I came to beat you by a few hours. Yesterday afternoon, I was not even thinking about this when I got onto #14, pushed my drive a bit right, ended on the hillside of a bunker and missed the green (by maybe 3 yards) short and right. A nice semi-high chip to the right of the pin, which checked nicely and started rolling gently to the left towards the hole ended up being right in line with the cup and about 1.5" short! Not even one more f***ing rotation!! 😜 So no luck for me, but I already had holed out a chip for birdie earlier in the round, and generally my chipping was really on point that day, with many tap-ins pars after only getting 2 GIRs for the whole round. Ups and downs they say.  That, it was. Again, kudos on your success. Now focus on finishing the home course. 👍
    • Agree. Bad comparison. They’re more different than similar.
    • Good stuff. I hadn't seen this. Time for me to go to lostgolfballs and buy a massive bucket of something better than the Srixon Soft Feel I've been playing. Not really sure why I went for them in particular. They have 120 mint graded K Sigs for $90...might jump on that.
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