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    • Thanks for the info. I think that BDC is showing how valuable distance can be with everything he has done since the restart. Unfortunately, I don't know if distance will help TF win, because he is already fairly long and already at the top quite often, but doesn't seem to be able to finish. The heartbreak at the Waste Management was pretty much enough for me to write him off as being a winner until he proves otherwise. Obviously he is making a boatload of money, but if he doesn't start winning, he will just be another name that falls into the abyss.
    • I really did not want to know!  That was a what’s it!
    • The idea that certain balls are better or made for slow swing speeds haven't really held up under testing from what i've read.  Its more marketing myth than anything in an attempt to make market segmentation easier (or at least thats my opinion). Check out this article from MyGolfSpy.  Particularly points 3 and 4 in the introduction.  Then take a look at the data for balls at 85 mph swing speeds. Generally speaking, golf balls marketed to slower swing speed golfers are lower compression balls.  And lower compression balls are generally slower in ball speed, resulting in less distance.  And if you play balls that don't have a soft urethane cover, you will lose spin around the greens.  So a ball like Callaway Supersoft, you will lose distance off the tee and spin around the green versus something like a Pro V1x.  In fact, that article recommends the Pro V1x as the best ball for distance for slower swing speeds, which runs contrary to almost everything you see related to marketing for the Pro V1x. It looks like price is a consideration to you and how much that difference in performance is worth to you is entirely up to you.  There are some great balls comparable in price to the Supersoft (or a little more expensive) that should give better performance at any swing speed, such as the Maxfli Tour or Snell MTB or Kirkland balls.   2019 Golf Ball Buyer's Guide | MyGolfSpy This is the most impactful test we have ever published. Over the past 10 years, MyGolfSpy has conducted hundreds of tests, and published thousands of articles that have influenced millions[...]  
    • I think he will, Finau and his coach just talked on their podcast on July 31st about how their plan is that he is now starting to train more speed in practice with the goal to take more fuller swings and let some go when the hole presents him with the opportunity to do so in tournaments. And Finau also made it very clear in that episode that he wanted to be the first guy to have a 200mph ball speed in a tournament on the PGA tour.  In case anyone is interested, his podcast is called "Let's Get It" and the episode is called "Pushing the Limits of Ball Speed on TOUR"   I'm pretty sure Bryson uses FlightScope and I'm pretty sure he is sponsored by them as he has appeared in Mevo commercials for them too.
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