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    • Hi! I am looking at replacing my PING i20 irons (having "old school lofts") with something more forgiving. Problem is that the Game Improvement irons I can find have stronger lofts, and that does not match my other clubs. For example, I have already taken out my i20 4 iron and added a 7 wood. If I were to buy a set with 3 degrees stronger loft, then the new 5 iron would be appr. the same length as the 7 wood (assuming stronger lofts give more yards). And at the other end, the new PW would leave a gap to my 52 degree gap wedge. So, I would actually need to buy UW, PW, 9i, 8i, 7i and 6i to match the other clubs in the bag! So my question is, can I get forgiveness without stronger lofts? Thanks for any input!
    • Glad to see you're a guy that speaks up. It doesn't happen often, but I also have no issue speaking to others who have no consideration for others wanting to share the facilities fairly.
    • Hi Ace: I will end up missing all the posts of the NONSENSE at this club....at least I still have 3 more weeks to be able to read about the TOOLS at this club until June 30...... your last day there....it's run by a bunch of IDIOTS. The starter is a CLOWN. Talk about CLOWN's....my last 2 rounds I played like a CLOWN/mental midget. On Tuesday I played with a friend...we played skins....at least I won 15 skins.....I shot 37 on the front 9 and then played like a GOOF on the back 9 ....a 46 with 4 doubles.....my chipping and pitch shots are GARBAGE...chunks and skulls.....I was 39 yards for my 3rd shot on the par 5...16th hole...ended up with a double....duh. Played today on the other course.....another CLOWN round by in reverse order....shot 44 on the front 9 with 4 doubles again....then shot 37 on the back 9......I joined up with an older couple to start my round....they are members and quit after 9....so here I am playing as a single on the back 9 behind 4 CLOWN's in 4 carts and with a 4some behind me.....on the 15th tee the 4some caught up to me...so I asked them if they wanted to play as a 5some to finish off the round which we did.....I hate playing alone....even as a 5some we were waiting on the 4some on the final 4 holes.  Courses here are so busy it's nearly impossible to play under 4.5 hours. The weather here is a bit cool....65*F only....and after Monday......7 days of rain...ugh.....playing on Monday with the guy from Tuesday. Have fun playing Paako with hubby this weekend.
    • I've been using this Iain Highfields tip on range, people maybe look at me weird when I place the balls 2 meters behind the hitting area, but I look back at them weird when they rake. 😄  
    • I spend about 80 or 90% of my golf time at the range or practice areas (green and trap) so I see all of the above from time to time. I have to say though, that the unwritten rule of three practice balls on the green is adhered to more often than not. It's usually someone new that will dump 15 on the green and go to town. It's annoying, but I bite my tongue because one of the cranky old regulars will invariably emerge from the cigar smoke-choked grillroom, stroll up with his putter and his drawstring Chivas Regal bag of practice Dunlops, and set the newbie straight.    
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