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Basic beginner questions  

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  1. 1. What should I prioritize?

    • Lessons
    • Time at the driving range
    • Instructional videos
    • Rounds of golf
  2. 2. When should I consider a club fitting?

    • Right away
    • After a few lessons
    • After a few lessons and a few rounds of golf
    • After a few lessons/rounds of golf and reaching a certain handicap
  3. 3. When do I dare venture out and play a round of golf?

    • Right away
    • After a few practice sessions at the driving range
    • After a few practice sessions at the driving range and a few lessons
    • After several practice sessions at the driving range and several lessons

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Thank you to everyone that has responded so far. Ton of helpful information! I really appreciate it.

To continue with the theme of the discussion, I wanted to throw another beginner question out there: how many of you have official handicaps and would you recommend that I sign up with a club that will allow me to establish one right away, or do I worry about that later on once I'm at a stage where I am comfortable on the golf course and have actually been out a couple of times? 

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You don't need an official handicap unless you want to enter a competition.  If you are going to mainly be playing one course, you can judge how you're doing by just looking at your scores.  If you start playing lots of different courses, you may want to start tracking your handicap/differentials unofficially as a gauge to how you are doing as those courses may vary widely in difficulty.  I have an official handicap but the real reason I keep one is because I play so many different courses.

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5 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:

No matter when you play your first round the wind will be sucked out of you.  Though you will hit a few magnificent shots that will bring you back.  On your 201st round you will have the wind sucked out of you.

Very true. It’s always those couple of shots in a rounds you replay in your mind when the round is over that keeps you coming back. Focus on the good when you do get out there because the game will drive you mad otherwise.

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Attitude......  Yes we all want to have good scores, but even the tour pros struggle with their game at times.  It's not the bad shots, it's how you overcome it that makes for a good game.  Just yesterday, I had a horrible front 9 with a 52 and settled down with a 41 on the back.  I enjoy the good shots and put the bad ones behind me.  That is the only way to you will survive this game mentally.

If the clubs you have are working for you reasonably, don't worry about a fitted set until you get to the point where you've gone about as far as you can with the clubs you have and feel it's time for the next level.

Have fun with it, laugh off the crappy shots and realize that's part of the game.

And remember, practicing bad technique, make you really good and doing things wrong.

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Had a great first lesson last night. My pro instructor Fred is great. Takeaways from the lesson were 1) further tweaking to my grip; 2) focus on in to out swing plane - goal is to have the ball curving left to help overcome my tendency to slice the ball; and 3) hands closer to the body and left arm straight on the backswing. I was having a really hard time applying the new tips while at the same time forgetting my old bad habits and could not get clean iron shots which was frustrating to say the least but, as Fred told me, to be expected when learning something new. After the lesson I spent some time hitting a couple of balls and was hitting the driver great. At this point, I feel very comfortable with the driver and am shifting my focus to practicing my irons. This morning I had the pleasure of hitting the driving range before work (early bird special 🙂) and I had a great session (AND A LOT OF FREE BALLS!!! Definitely recommend going to the driving range in the morning as a lot of people don't have time to finish their buckets before their tee times and are kind enough to leave the balls behind for anyone who wants them). I finally began hitting my irons pure towards the end of the session while applying my takeaways from last night's session and I left feeling very optimistic!

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    • Point by point: • I noted above 6 holes with different options and decisions to be made off the tee. • I agree some fairways should be widened and noted which ones above. That said, the holes are still good to excellent and highly memorable and far from boring • This point about the greens being plain and flat is somewhat a misnomer. Yes, they are not Winged Foot or Augusta, but they aren’t all flat ovals either. 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11( since the changes last year), and 15-18 all have shapes, slopes, tiers or undulations to a significant degree.  • Agreed, the course was designed to be a beast tee to green • Same comment as above, although I will say that this point also gets overplayed. It’s not like you have no option but to chip out of the rough. Hit a wedge or short iron, position yourself for a wedge into the green, and try to go up and down.  • Agreed there are no short or drivable par 4s. Those are good features but not some make or break requirement for a course to be not boring • 1 and 18 are fine. They aren’t world beaters but you can probably count on one hand the number of courses with all 18 world class holes. And Golden Age courses often had soft opening holes and their best holes before the 18th because back then Match Play was the dominant game and matches often didn’t make the 18th. And 18 is not boring at all, with the bunkering and elevated greensite • I have played the Black countless times and never once came close to a 6 hour round. Maybe if you catch a very busy Saturday afternoon you will hit 5-1/2 or so. Usually I play in 5 hours or just past that. People who play the Bethpage courses know that rounds on the Red and Blue take longer than rounds on the Black. And btw, that is no different than any other public course in the NY-NJ area except Ferry Point. 
    • I don't know. A weird one. I had four birdies on Friday and shot 87. Those things do not jive.   EDIT--Also, in case you think I may be one of those long hitters who just get in trouble a bit, I'm not. No penalty shots in that 87 with four birdies. Just a lot of bad shots.
    • Rock Bottom did wee, by me  
    • I'm not doing it here just for the heck of it - I think that BPB is wildly over-rated. I think it's boring. It completely fails to live up to what it could or should be given the property. If you need to hang your hat on me agreeing that "some holes aren't boring" then that says quite a bit. Untrue. Get an avatar for yourself, please. My opinion in a nutshell? 20-26 yard wide fairways on relatively long holes force you to almost always just hit a driver and to find the really narrow fairway. There's almost never a decision to be made on the tee about the club OR the location of the tee shot. Angles don't matter, but they really don't matter at BPB. The bunkers are set into the rough, meaning that the fairway corridors have been somewhat artificially narrowed. The greens are generally flat, relatively oval-shaped, and uninspiring. There are few that have any interesting contours, interior OR exterior. Virtually every hole is a mid- to long-iron that must carry and land and stop on the green. Very few holes even allow a run-up shot. Thick rough with virtually no recovery options everywhere. Almost no half-par type holes (unless you count the ample 4.5-par par fours). A dud of a hole opens and closes the course: 1 and 18, meh. Six-hour rounds are common.
    • I prefer the Zero gloves.  It is basically a one size adapts to all.  Feels more like a second ski and I have enjoyed it over 6 months of using it.  Reasonably priced.
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