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Basic beginner questions  

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  1. 1. What should I prioritize?

    • Lessons
    • Time at the driving range
    • Instructional videos
    • Rounds of golf
  2. 2. When should I consider a club fitting?

    • Right away
    • After a few lessons
    • After a few lessons and a few rounds of golf
    • After a few lessons/rounds of golf and reaching a certain handicap
  3. 3. When do I dare venture out and play a round of golf?

    • Right away
    • After a few practice sessions at the driving range
    • After a few practice sessions at the driving range and a few lessons
    • After several practice sessions at the driving range and several lessons

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Thank you to everyone that has responded so far. Ton of helpful information! I really appreciate it.

To continue with the theme of the discussion, I wanted to throw another beginner question out there: how many of you have official handicaps and would you recommend that I sign up with a club that will allow me to establish one right away, or do I worry about that later on once I'm at a stage where I am comfortable on the golf course and have actually been out a couple of times? 

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You don't need an official handicap unless you want to enter a competition.  If you are going to mainly be playing one course, you can judge how you're doing by just looking at your scores.  If you start playing lots of different courses, you may want to start tracking your handicap/differentials unofficially as a gauge to how you are doing as those courses may vary widely in difficulty.  I have an official handicap but the real reason I keep one is because I play so many different courses.

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5 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:

No matter when you play your first round the wind will be sucked out of you.  Though you will hit a few magnificent shots that will bring you back.  On your 201st round you will have the wind sucked out of you.

Very true. It’s always those couple of shots in a rounds you replay in your mind when the round is over that keeps you coming back. Focus on the good when you do get out there because the game will drive you mad otherwise.

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Attitude......  Yes we all want to have good scores, but even the tour pros struggle with their game at times.  It's not the bad shots, it's how you overcome it that makes for a good game.  Just yesterday, I had a horrible front 9 with a 52 and settled down with a 41 on the back.  I enjoy the good shots and put the bad ones behind me.  That is the only way to you will survive this game mentally.

If the clubs you have are working for you reasonably, don't worry about a fitted set until you get to the point where you've gone about as far as you can with the clubs you have and feel it's time for the next level.

Have fun with it, laugh off the crappy shots and realize that's part of the game.

And remember, practicing bad technique, make you really good and doing things wrong.

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Had a great first lesson last night. My pro instructor Fred is great. Takeaways from the lesson were 1) further tweaking to my grip; 2) focus on in to out swing plane - goal is to have the ball curving left to help overcome my tendency to slice the ball; and 3) hands closer to the body and left arm straight on the backswing. I was having a really hard time applying the new tips while at the same time forgetting my old bad habits and could not get clean iron shots which was frustrating to say the least but, as Fred told me, to be expected when learning something new. After the lesson I spent some time hitting a couple of balls and was hitting the driver great. At this point, I feel very comfortable with the driver and am shifting my focus to practicing my irons. This morning I had the pleasure of hitting the driving range before work (early bird special 🙂) and I had a great session (AND A LOT OF FREE BALLS!!! Definitely recommend going to the driving range in the morning as a lot of people don't have time to finish their buckets before their tee times and are kind enough to leave the balls behind for anyone who wants them). I finally began hitting my irons pure towards the end of the session while applying my takeaways from last night's session and I left feeling very optimistic!

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    • Thanks, that’s nice to say. I’ve been working on it for a while. Although I’m currently having trouble implementing a new move.  And I always fight the urge to whip the club back way inside and flat and then come over the top. I work everyday on my backswing shoulder turn so my arms can come along for the ride when I turn away. If I manage to get too far the other way, it’s easy for me to correct.
    • I have been listening to the Unspooled podcast which is methodically going through the AFI top 100 list. Recently rewatched back to back, The Post, birdie,  and then All the President's Men, eagle, (for the umpteenth time, I love this movie) because it covered the latter movie. While I respect the opinions of the podcast, it has had its criticisms of movies that I love, like Saving Private Ryan for one, but I learned a lot from the hosts, and that held for ATPM, like I did not know as much about Muskie as I should have. I tossed aside The Post as awards fare, but on rewatching it, I enjoyed it more, especially being able to put ATPM on right afterwards, a great double bill. The latest Unspooled is on Vertigo, eagle. May rewatch that as Vertigo is another of my all time faves. Vertigo, episode #55 of Unspooled on Earwolf Paul & Amy fall into Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 psychological thriller Vertigo!  
    • I would agree with @dennyjones.   Typically if it's just out playing around, I'll often try to do the harder wedge shot through the "V" in the 80 ft tall trees.  I'm in the trees often enough that iv'e had too much practice so it's a higher % shot for me.  If the score is important, I will take the shot that I think give me the best chance at advancing the ball, whatever it might be.  Every round is some kind of learning, some more than others. My course typically doesn't have many people when I'm there, so I will often play 2-3 balls at the same time unless I have someone behind me, then I will let them play through. You can still learn while enjoying and having fun.
    • Hopefully, you learn something from every experience. Of course, some of us learn faster than others. Obviously when playing a round that counts, you play for the lowest score. That's why there really is something to be said for practice rounds, particular when the course isn't busy and you can try different things.  As time goes by, the strategy for each hole on the course changes through learning. The hole where I used to lay up in front of the hazard has become a hole I know I can hit GIR if my drive gets to a certain place on the fairway. Now its just a matter of hitting that darn driver. It's a process.
    • For competitions, etc absolutely.  For fun daily play?  I disagree, it's my game, I can make the purpose of that day whatever I like. I have days where I feel like taking on that cool shot.  So I do - just for fun, knowing that my score will be hurt.  So what?  I want to try the shot and I'll take my medicine when it doesn't go well. Other days, I play for score and try to select my shots as best I can based on my limited knowledge, skill and experience. It's a game - I do what I want.    
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