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Hitting Full Shots  

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  1. 1. Between your "Full 6-iron Distance" and your 3/4 sand wedge distance, how often do you swing at normal "full" speed?

    • 90%+ of the time (almost always full swings)
    • 70-90% of the time
    • 50-70% of the time
    • 30-50% of the time
    • 10-30% of the time
    • < 10% of the time (almost never full swings)

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4 hours ago, Grizvok said:

So a number of people have been talking about decelerating the swing, and I’m wondering if that is really the correct way to go about this? I’ve seen @iacas mention slower quite a few times (but never using the word decelerating) and slower doesn’t necessarily mean you are decelerating the club. Isn’t the general idea more in line with taking a slightly shorter backswing therefore reaching a lower swing speed since the distance over which you are accelerating the club is less.

You can also just not swing as hard. Like if your normal full swing is 90% effort, you can take a little off by swinging 80% or 75%.

When I do hit less than full swings (not like partial wedge shots), I like to make a full backswing because my sequencing is better from the top, then I just don't swing as hard and finish short of my normal finish position (or even with a different look).

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On 5/16/2019 at 10:58 AM, iacas said:

I think better players will generally vote for a lower % of the time than higher handicappers.

Few of my college kids play partial shots. They haven't learned how yet, or they're caught up in "the yardage is the yardage" or something.

Yup. High handicapper here and chose 70-90%. I struggle with taking something off my shots. I have started trying to take something off my shots when necessary but not a lot of practice with it right now. 

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