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Working Smarter - Structured Practice Routines?

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tl;dr -- what are some examples of comprehensive/elite practice routines and how do you track progress? e.g. you may have seen golf magazine's "break 80 planner" or perhaps the wake forest golf team's practice regimen. what other solid resources and tracking strategies have you successfully employed? or could you share the routines of top amateurs or pros you've seen but haven't tried?

one thing i love about golf is the seemingly endless room for improvement: full swing, short game, game plan & preparation/course management, fitness, stress management, etc. however, as someone with less time to devote to practice and play than i'd like right now i want to be sure i'm working as smart as possible. and eventually when i do have more time i'd love to be able to ramp up practice and play to (e.g.) compete for a club championship or entry level amateur tournament with the confidence i'm working on all of the right things.

i've researched this a bit and have found some wonderful resources (the 2 links above are a very small sample) so i'm confident what i'm looking for exists. eventually i may compile the things i like into my own regimen but in the meantime i think it would be more helpful -- for me and hopefully others, too -- to learn from the experience of accomplished golfers who've gone down this path.

thank you!

p.s. i suspect the best kind of structure/routine would have general stuff to work on as well as individual strengths/weaknesses. i purposely didn't mention my strengths/weaknesses because even though i'm looking for the best routine for me i hope other people who are interested in this topic will get maximum value from it. that being said, i'm open to answering questions if you think it will help further the discussion. e.g. i'm willing to be a guinea pig but am also interested to learn about others' specific priorities/needs when it comes to practice. 🙂 

p.p.s. i've also seen @iacas65/20/15 thread which i think is great for a general overview of where to spend time.


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That Wake Forest routine is bad. 60 balls pitching, and 60 full swings? I know you can hit pitches faster (in less time) than a full swing, but man. And that's the ONLY full swing work on the schedule.

Does anyone know if this is legit and/or where it's from? Is it for the men's team, women's team, or both?

Here's the thing… pretty sure it's both:

  • old
  • not used anymore

The women's coach as of 2018 (fall) is Kim L, and she knows all about LSW.

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14 minutes ago, hoselpalooza said:

Yeah, you can Google it and get to it there. Or here:


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