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Mizuno ST180 Driver Tensei CK Blue 60-S

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Think after going through a mix of TaylorMade driver heads M1-M4 and using the Tenesi white CK 70  XS shaft over the last couple of years I think I've finally found a driver that will stay in the bag for many many years (surely)

 The 2018 Mizuno ST180 ... and with the tenesi ck blue 60 shaft seems to be a much better fit for my swing speed 110mph+ 

For one the lighter shaft gives me a better feel for the head position .. the blue head maybe even helps a touch

Now previously to the TM M1 I had a year of trying out many drivers from R11 to PING G20-G25-G30 and pretty much all the major drivers at the range test days and for me, the Taylormade drivers seem to always give me better distance and feel ..I do enjoy the F7 but was easy 10-15 yards shorter

really only been the last few months where I've been studying what shaft I should use and the effects  (In the past as long as it was Stiff-shaft it would do)

Now I actually purchased the second-half but mint Mizuno because of the shaft as the price was cheaper than trying to buy the shaft by $100..

Out on the range took a few hits to get a good feel ...and was impressed very hot off the face

The proof was in play under pressure at yesterdays weekly Club Comp where the new Driver was brilliant with only one of 14 drives getting me in trouble 

Distance wise no difference to the M4 or M1 .. IMHO its a very underrated driver - really well made strong looking head 

review ==anyone else with this driver in the bag ?????


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That is my current driver. I like the blue head although I know it's not everyones cup of tea. Paired with a Aldila Tour Blue 75, cut down a bit and hotmelted back to weight. Mizuno has had plenty of great drivers that never got the respect they deserved. The new 190 is probably the first that really gets the recognition in a long time.

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yes, the price was 30%+ less than what I would pay to secure a Taylormade or Ping 2018 with the Tenesi or similar quality shaft ...

Don't want to jinx the driver but at this stage, I'm really confident it will stay in the bag for a some time

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    • Thanks for braving the cold and putting this video up! You've got a nice and efficient swing. I look forward to seeing more!  Ps. The straps are definitely long enough to fit a dump truck. I like to tuck them as well, but could be trimmed too. 
    • Barely above freezing, sleet and drizzle, gusty wind off of L Huron. 143 yds to the pin. Drop 1 1/2 clubs and smooth a knock down 7 iron under the wind. It flies dead straight, no more than 50' off the ground and ends up overhanging the cup. It looked physically impossible it wouldn't drop when I got there. At least I made the birdie putt. lol.
    • Thanks for the positive experience you shared.
    • Maybe yipper’s should go side saddle or use a wedge instead.    Just change it all up. 😁 I’ve always enjoyed using the TPM aid. Pushes you towards a fluid motion. I also wonder if making more putting games on the practice greens would help.
    • I am saving a small fortune (to me) on car maintenance and gas, clothing and lunches. Just heard, no plan to return until at least April.  I get two hours a day of commuting time back in my life. Due to MS Teams use by the company, I'm getting my stretching and pushups done throughout the work day.  I'm more productive at work., from home. After losing employment, My son and his better half, moved to a smaller community and both obtained full time employment immediately. Folks , stay safe and healthy  
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