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    • Hey all,  I went for my first driver fitting last week and had some interesting results. The driver I brought in to replace was an older G25. I never got along with the driver and never really carried it more than 200 yards. At the time I never really knew my swing speed so I assumed it was pretty slow so I jacked up the loft to 11 and was getting some really high ballooning shots that didn't really go anywhere, however I didn't hit it too offline so I used it. I came into my fitting fully confident I was going to find something that would get me a good bit more distance.  Long story short I hit 7 different driver / shaft combinations. I had almost 0 improvement on my existing driver until the last two combinations. I have a left to right movement in my shot and the fitter was explaining that because I was spinning the ball a lot my distance was being killed. I will include the data of the combinations that were hit.  As you can see the only clubs that were even trending in the direction of more distance was the TS combinations. He said hang on a second and ran out and grabbed a used TS3 in a 9.5 head with a stiff Hazardous Smoke Shaft. With that last combination I hit 3 of the best shots of the day. It looks like he was able to get my spin down considerably with that combination. However even with the one of the shots with the TS3 spun over 3k and still carried almost 230. So it must be the combination of lowering the loft to 9.5 in combination of the low spin head / shaft that started to help get the ball out there. It is very interesting to me that the TS3 combination is getting 30 + more yards than the other combinations. He said I have a good launch angle but I was creating too much dynamic loft so the 9.5 degree head was working for me.  I guess if I were to restart my fitting all over again would I want to start with low spin heads / low spin low launch shafts? Obviously that was the only combination that was getting me anymore distance. It is interesting to see that I was swinging the TS3 combination must faster as well at around 97 mph. At 97 mph I imagine I am still leaving a good bit of distance on the table.  I would love any observations, insights, or suggestions about the fitting and the final driver selection. Is there another combination out there worth tinkering with now that I know I am creating a lot of spin and these low spinning combinations help my swing?
    • I saw parts of his basketball backboard video. Apparently he likes to mess with his wife.
    • There have been a couple of contributions regarding tee times at my club becoming difficult to obtain. 1. Tee times were spaced out to 12 minute intervals. 2. Many members have been out of work, families with kids are out of school and the addition of new members. 3. Tee sheet has been filling up with advanced reservations (2 - weeks in advance) On a good note, intervals returned to 10 minutes and longer daylight allow for more play.
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