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    • I played Pebble Beach years ago when I was in the PGA. Obviously I didn't pay the regular green fee but it was still expensive (1990). It was a probably about a 5 hour round with two gentlemen who decided they wanted to play the back tees (I was with a friend who was also in the PGA and we didn't want to play all the way back) who couldn't have shot 100 from the front tees. Even with that, we waited on every single tee for 18 holes. Believe it or not, the course wasn't in very good shape (November). Was it a great round of golf....no. Was it a great golf course...yes. All that being said, I wouldn't pay anywhere near 500 bucks to play it. 
    • I'm thinking that I got the last round of the year in Sunday, and it was only 7 holes. 🥶
    • I think most people "think" they hit it farther than they do until some actual measurements are done. They really aren't fooling anyone but themselves. Where the ball lands won't lie to anyone. I am realistic about my distances because that is important to me in order to play a quality game. I find on average that most hit it around 25 to even on occasion 50 yds less than they realize. I would state that most are around 15-25 less.
    • He prolly thought it wasn't fair the ball was in a sandy depression so he must have thought he needed to level the playing field.. I mean literally. 
    • Today’s the 10th, hence Rule 10.  A look at two aspects of Rule 10 - Advice and Caddies (Don’t skip the Caddies portion because it’s details pertain to our partners in Four-Ball.) Rule 10 - Preparing for and Making a Stroke; Advice and Help; Caddies Purpose of Rule: Rule 10 covers how to prepare for and make a stroke, including advice and other help the player may get from others (including partners and caddies). The underlying principle is that golf is a game of skill and personal challenge. 10.1 Making a Stroke, Purpose of Rule: Rule 10.1 covers how to make a stroke and several acts that are prohibited in doing so. A stroke is made by fairly striking at a ball with the head of a club. The fundamental challenge is to direct and control the movement of the entire club by freely swinging the club without anchoring it. (And, no. Bernhard Langer is not anchoring; the R&A and USGA have confirmed it several times.) 10.2 Advice and Other Help, Purpose of Rule: A fundamental challenge for the player is deciding the strategy and tactics for his or her play. So there are limits to the advice and other help the player may get during a round. Definition of Advice: Any verbal comment or action that is intended to influence a player in choosing a club, making a stroke, or deciding how to play during a hole or round. But advice does not include public information, such as, the location of things on the course such as the hole, the putting green, the fairway, penalty areas, bunkers, or another player’s ball, the distance from one point to another, or the Rules. Two Interpretations regarding Advice: Advice/1 – Verbal Comments or Actions That Are Advice Examples of when comments or actions are considered advice and are not allowed include: A player makes a statement regarding club selection that was intended to be overheard by another player who had a similar stroke. In individual stroke play, Player A, who has just holed out on the 7th hole, demonstrates to Player B, whose ball was just off the putting green, how to make the next stroke. Because Player B has not completed the hole, Player A gets the penalty on the 7th hole. But, if both Player A and Player B had completed the 7th hole, Player A gets the penalty on the 8th hole. A player’s ball is lying badly and the player is deliberating what action to take. Another player comments, “You have no shot at all. If I were you, I would decide to take unplayable ball relief.” This comment is advice because it could have influenced the player in deciding how to play during a hole. While a player is setting up to hit his or her shot over a large penalty area filled with water, another player in the group comments, “You know the wind is in your face and it’s 250 yards to carry that water?” Advice/2 – Verbal Comments or Actions That Are Not Advice Examples of comments or actions that are not advice include: During play of the 6th hole, a player asks another player what club he or she used on the 4th hole that is a par-3 of similar length. A player makes a second stroke that lands on the putting green. Another player does likewise. The first player then asks the second player what club was used for the second stroke. After making a stroke, a player says, “I should have used a 5-iron” to another player in the group that has yet to play onto the green, but not intending to influence his or her play. A player looks into another player’s bag to determine which club he or she used for the last stroke without touching or moving anything. While lining up a putt, a player mistakenly seeks advice from another player’s caddie, believing that caddie to be the player’s caddie. The player immediately realizes the mistake and tells the other caddie not to answer. 10.3 Caddies, Purpose of Rule: The player may have a caddie to carry the player’s clubs and give advice and other help during the round, but there are limits to what the caddie is allowed to do. The player is responsible for the caddie’s actions during the round and will get a penalty if the caddie breaches the Rules. NB In forms of play such as Four-Ball involving partners, a player's partner and the partner's caddie may take the same actions (with the same limitations) as the player's caddie may take under Rules 10.2. Relevant Interpretations: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=interp&section=rule&rulenum=10  
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