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New Guy-Driver Question

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Been lurking for a couple weeks. A little background first. I’m 40, competed in the Junior, High School and collegiate lever. The latter burned me out and I’ve only played 1-2 rounds per year from 2001 to March of this year. I’m currently at an 8 handicap and my goal is scratch by the fall. So I recently hit some different clubs and ended up with some TaylorMade P770s with the KBS 120g shafts. I’m hitting an older Nike Square Dyna driver still. I can hit it 300+ pretty easy. (I’m 6’4” with a 120mph club head speed. Is there enough technology changes to buy a new driver or stick with what I have for time being. My ONLY complaint with this driver is how high I hit it. 10.5 degree loft. What do you guys think 

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Sounds like you need a lower loft for your swing. 8.5 or 9 degree. Tech differences may also give you some more forgiveness and distance but I think the loft would make a big difference.

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Tech wise there is not much that has truly improved.  Modern drivers are a bit more forgiving.  However, the key is getting yourself fitted and seeing if your current driver matches the specs.  If not, consider a new driver and/or set

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If you are hitting the fairway with the driver, stick with it.  You can bring it to a golf store that has a launch monitor to see if you are losing any distance with your driver vs a new model.

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I think you are the prime candidate for a driver fitting. Take your old stick as a reference point, but I think you have opportunities.

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    • Perhaps that guy is(was) the exception? Plus, I think the 6,000,000 number might be way low. ... not that it matters. I get your point and I also immediately thought of that guy. It's kind of hard to argue that he's not 100% evil. For now, I think it would be wise to leave him out of the conversation. That one is still very painful for a lot of folks.  Having said all of that. I don't think we've ever had a president who is(was) 100% evil. 
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    • Haven't posted a video in a while. I have been working really hard on my swing... REALLY HARD.  Anyway, I don't have any new video to post. But I do have some old video to post.  I'm just sticking these here as a benchmark to where I was. The first one is a 2009 video of my driver swing. This is back when I was working with my previous swing coach. I was playing well at the time, handicap was around 10-14. My miss at the time was a snap hook.  I know the exposure stinks. Again, it's just a benchmark for me.    The next two videos are from 2015. At the time I was between swing coaches. My handicap at the time was around 16. Although I distinctly remember playing some great and some horrible rounds at the time. At the time I was really REALLY REALLY fighting the snap hook. Some days the snap hook would be manageable and I would score really well. Other times, I simply wouldn't be able to get off the tee. The swing coach I would get about a year and a half after these videos were taken would be the swing coach I'd end up sticking with up until now.  Again, I'm just sticking these here for my reference.     
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