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    • I started golfing three months ago, and found this site yesterday. The two things I focused on at the range session were key #1 and flaring both feet outwards...simple guidance that even a newbie like me can handle!  In looking at some of my old swing videos, I was shocked at how much I was violating key 1, and pleasantly surprised at how flaring my feet has helped with my turn and full swing. Thank you!
    • Hi Erik I agree with you. There's some disagreement amongst the scientists, but I think the yips is a form of focal dystonia  i.e. the pathway of nerves between your brain and your fingers has stopped working properly, kind of burnt out. The best way to fix it is to create a new pathway using a different grip. However, as we all know, the yips produce a lot of mental scarring too and we have to deal with that as well. That's why I think the right approach is belt and braces ; solve the physical problem of focal dystonia with a new grip, and then read Bob Rotella to sort out your brain!
    • You can think that I'm an entitled college student all you want, but no. I'm not saying that I want free golf. I believe that more public courses should have college rates. I believe that if you want to play golf as a college student you have to pay the price to get on the course. I hope I've made my position clear to you. 🙂 
    • As others have mentioned, there is no reason to discount tee times if they are being sufficiently filled. I don't disagree that the issues I talked about can be "easily" fixed, it really just comes down to experience of what is expected on the golf course. In addition to the music thing, I would add the "GET IN THE HOLE" a la Tiger, or "OHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH" that I can hear from 2-3 holes away because of a made putt or a chip-in. Just because one makes a great shot doesn't mean they get the privilege to disturb others. There is a reason there is such thing as the "golf clap". This is just a gripe from me, and I am a fairly loud person, but when I'm on the course I try to use my 5-30 yard voice instead of my normal 100-1000 yard voice. I definitely feel for you though, because being in college is a potentially straining financial time, and golf ain't cheap. I hope that your efforts with a club in your school works out for maybe getting you a discounted rate.
    • Would you reconsider that thought if they've fulfilled at least 2 of the 3 that you've mentioned? I've honestly never thought that even the slightest amount of music can be problematic for others. The restaurants are all closed down during COVID so it makes sense for the golf courses to not be flexible during this time. Thank you for the thoughtful response nonetheless. I'd also like to mention, unimportantly, that there are a handful, besides the golf courses funded by the university, that offer student rates. Including the only one throughout the county. Hard to believe, but they are a thing. Rates & Fees    
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