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    • Definitely agree. The author didn't do the best job for making the case against the line on the ball. I think the best case is that because we have lift, clean, and place doesn't mean that you should be able to orient the ball however you please (to gain advantage). In typical play, one player may be 100 ft from the hole, but get an "advantage" because he is on the green, while another player could be 10 feet from the hole and not be afforded the same liberty because his ball is 0.5" off an arbitrary surface. In this example, clearly you would like to be the player just off the green and nearer the hole, but I don't think that the person that is on the green should get a privilege of an alignment aid. I understand that this could be extended to the privilege of cleaning the ball, but I would be ok with going backwards in time on this too. I don't think that it is necessary, but could definitely see an argument of "you can't have one without the other".
    • Oh, I’d love for both of them to lap the field and then go at it...hear me out. If this is the case, the loser will be devastated / pissed off to lose to their rival. If i get to see this rivalry play out- I’ll def be jumping and yelling at the TV (I might do that anyway)
    • Tiger of course my first in wanting to win. Jordan maybe my second as I think it would do wonders for him and get him back to being a relevant competitor. I’d also love to see BD and/or Koepka go low then choke spectacularly and lose...lol.
    • We may hear about it out of nowhere.  But he does not have a normal back anymore, with previous injuries and surgeries.  I enjoy watching him play, but am concerned that he will significantly damage it further. 
    • I don’t. I don’t watch the PGA TOUR for that matter alone either. As I said, I prefer a loaded LPGA tournament over any CT. What bores me about the LPGA and usually the CT is the lack of ‘awe’ in shot making. Sure distance is often a large part of the excitement. But so is sheer talent and strength which is often lacking on both the LPGA and the CT.  I get zero thrill watching the ladies lay up to par 5’s over and over. I don’t admire the simple punch outs because they can’t hit a 30 yard slice or hook from deep rough either because ...they can’t or they have a bad back. I completely get the ladies are great golfers. But they’re not dazzling shot makers and neither are the CT guys. Almost every time there’s a tight finish going into a playoff it’s a gentle poke down the middle followed by a safe shot to the green. 
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