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I was fitted for a gapr mid but the pro has changed the settings to near the low end to tie in with the yardages. Whenever I hit it, everything is curving off to the left with poor contact. Would changing the settings possibly fix this as I never got a setting manual when I bought it?

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Poor contact by you is not going to be fixed by changing loft settings.  Get on the range or launch monitor and find out.

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Sorry I didn't mean me duffing it, I mean the ball flight. Its slicing all the time and I generally have a slightly open face anyway so is this making it even more open?

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There are far too many variables in golf to ask simple questions as such without providing video and/or launch monitor data.  Strike location, face to path, etc. etc.  More often than not, small equipment changes aren't determinative of excessive and unwanted curvature--it's you (and me and everyone haha).  If you got fit with a decent pro, then he set it there for a reason; you're just not executing.  You say you want to separate ball flight from your duffing- I'm saying that's likely the reason you have the ball flight!!!  Cmon man 

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many variables here, so without showing a video of your swing, take any advice with a grain of salt.   

longer clubs generally have more of a tendency to leave the face open.  A lot of times when people are leaving the face open people focus on their hands and trying to close the face more through impact.   when people focus too much on their hands, they start their downswing with their arms, creating an over-the-top move and, subsequently, an out-to-in path.   Additionally, for some reason, people (like myself), feel like they need to swing long irons harder.   

slow your swing down, make a full turn, start your transition with your lower body, make good contact.   It's the archer, not the bow.  trust me.  


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    • I'm an 18 HCP. My first game, I stopped counting. I went the lesson club fitting route. I'm not overly physically adept. I walk the course but not an athlete. Took it up 8 years ago. My wife and I get out up to 60 times a year. Got the fitted clubs 4 years ago. Loved the experience. Met a great guy. Went back and He fitted and sold me a driver. It took me 2 years after getting fitted to really start to feel the clubs. Last year I picked up a Ping eye 2 iron set for $100. They are 30 years old. I alternate with the modern set. I hit them about the same.  Of course, get a set that is the right size and fit. Meets your "shiny new toy" eye (thats important) and fits your budget...but there's no substitute for lessons and practice...and playing golf on the course.
    • Coorg Golf Links, Bittangala, Coorg, India Course Par 70 Men's Slope 67.3/117 Women's Slope 67.5/119 Championship Tees Hole 1 - Par 4 - 360 yards - SI 9 Straight hole.  Right side and over the back is OB.  Hit across a road which divides the front 9 and back 9.  Immediately across the road is a tank.  There is another tank on the right side.  Carry around 200 and you are over both the tanks.  On the left side of the fairway from 260 to 320 is another tank.  Hit 200 to 250 straight and you are good.  Green is slightly elevated but fairly flat Hole 2 - Par 3 - 149 yards - SI 11 Straight hole.  A tank on the left side till about a 100 yards.  Two bunkers in front and a gap between them.  Green slopes quite a bit Hole 3 - Par 4 - 360 yards - SI 1 About 200 yards straight.  Then a serious climb with a bit of a dogleg right.  The last 150 yards or so easily climbs 25 yards.  Around 230 yards is a road.  All along the right is OB.  Either hit it 200 yards till where it is level and then hit an uphill shot or carry it at least 240-250 and clear the road. A bunker on the left edge of the green.  Fairly small and reasonably level two tier green.  Maybe a difference of a foot or two between the two tiers Hole 4 - Par 3 - 143 yards - SI 13 Straight hole with an OB on the right and a drop off on the left.  The right side is a slope as well, but plants to keep the slope from eroding hold up balls hit there.  There is a bunker on the front right side and the green has a slope with an elevation change of three feet or so. Hole 5 - Par 4 - 305 yards - SI 5 Dog leg left. Hole goes up for 125 yards and then turns left and goes severely downhill (reckon 50 to 75 yards).  On the left side of the fairway is a hazard and on the right side is an OB.  There are some tall trees in the hazard on the left, which makes cutting the dogleg a bit of an issue. Hole 6 - Par 5 - 530 yards - SI 3 Dog leg right.  Hole goes up 250 or so yards (climb of 50 yards or so) and then turns right.  Down hill all the way from there to the green (drop of 100 yards or so.  The entire right side is OB.  About 100 yards short of the green cross the road (same as 3rd hole).  About 50 yards short of the green a tank on the left edge of the fairway.  Green has two bunkers in front.  Behind and right side drops off after the green. Hole 7 - Par 4 - 335 yards - SI 15 Slight dog leg left.  About 200 yards to the left.  Cutting the dogleg is problematic thanks to a tree in the relevant line.  Left downhill slope with trees and a tank.  Right uphill slope with trees.  After that OB onto the road (3rd and 6th hole) and beyond.  Green has two front bunkers. Hole 8 - Par 4 - 295 yards - SI 17 Straight hole.  Water body from 100 to 150 yards.  Two fairway bunkers on either side between between 200 and 250 yards.  Bunkers either side of the green.  Most of the left side of the fairway is wooded rough. Green slopes from back to front. Hole 9 - Par 4 - 365 yards - SI 7 Straight hole.  Tank on left of fairway from 250 to 350 yards.  Two bunkers in front of the green.  Green slopes from right to left.  A couple of yards past the green is OB. Hole 10 - Par 4 - 460 yards - SI 2 Bit of a dogleg left.  Left of the fairway is OB.  About 250 yards from the tee is a fairway bunker on the right side of the fairway.  One the right edge of the fairway are two tanks at 150 and 75 yards.  Left and beyond the green after 5 yards or so is OB.  Two bunkers either side of the front of the green.  Green slopes from front to back. Hole 11 - Par 3 - 160 yards - SI 18 Left of the fairway and behind the green is OB.  One bunker on the front left of the green.  Right of the fairway is a tank.  Green slopes from front to back. Hole 12 - Par 4 - 390 yards - SI 6 Slight dogleg left.  Entire left of fairway is OB.  Turns left around 225 yards.  Two bunkers in front of the green.  Behind the green slopes down and a tank about 5 to 10 yards past.  Green slopes from front to back. Hole 13 - Par 3 - 170 yards - SI 14 Left of the fairway is OB.  A tank stretching all the way till 20 yards before the green.  A bunker on either side of the front of the fairly level green. Hole 14 - Par 5 - 500 yards - SI 10 Dogleg right.  About 275 yards and the fairway turns to the right.  Trees lining the entire right side of the fairway, which makes going left on the fairway, right of the fairway onto the 12th fairway or long enough mandatory if you want to hit the green in two.  Front of the green has two bunkers.  10 yards over the green is a tank. Hole 15 - Par 3 - 170 yards - SI 12 Straight hole with bunkers either side of the green.  A bit of a drop off on the left of the green.  Both sides have some trees though far more on the left. Hole 16 - Par 4 - 360 yards - SI 16 Straight hole with fairway bunkers either side around 200 to 250 yards.  From a hundred or so yards in the fairway rises by about 5 yards and then levels out.  Green has a bunker on either side and drops off every side.  Slopes a bit from back to front. Hole 17 - Par 5 - 560 yards - SI 4 Dogleg right.  Left of fairway for tee shot is OB.  About 275 yards from the tee box is a tank on the right half of the fairway.  After the tank the fairway turns right.  The green has two bunkers in front and about 10 yards behind it is a tank. Hole 18 - Par 4 - 495 yards - SI 8 Almost straight hole.  At the end of the fairwayof about 450 yards, the green is on the left side another 50 yards or so, and raised up by 10 yards or so.  However, it isn't really a dogleg because you can hit the green from almost any point on the fairway.  The green has two bunkers at the right and back. On the left and front, it is a slope.  Back and right long is OB.  One part of the green is quite steep and it is a two tier green.
    • Weight was definitely the most important factor for me when I changed shafts.
    • This is the best ans(w)er. Shafts generally do the same thing, but sometimes they do it different.
    • Day 173 Worked on a transition feel for palmar flexion today. Gave the 7-iron a break and hit 4-iron, 5W, and 3W. Also slowed down back swing a little bit to make sure I can feel the stretch in my right hamstring/glute when turn is complete. Finished with a couple LW full swings, both of which went over the net into oblivion. 
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