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Every once and a while I try to google a list of the person who has played the most golf courses.  There are rumors of a gentlemen from Scotland who has played 4000 courses.  Anyway that is how I found this cite and your post.  Congratulations, Robert, that is a big number.  Keep it going as I am right on your heels and share a similar goal.  My current course count stands at 1627.  I have played in every US state, every Canadian province with the exception of Northwest Territories and the Yukon, more than 30 countries on every continent with the exception of Antarctica.  I belong to the Outpost Club and am a golf week rater (although I played nearly 1500 golf courses before I was fortunate enough to become a rater).  I have been crusading since 2005.  I typically play and now rate at least 80 to 90 courses a year.  Some years I get over 100 but others like this years like this year thanks to COVID I will likely not get to 90.  I am 48 years old, so even at your current pace, health permitting, I have a chance to catch you.  Good luck in your quest my friend, it might be fun to swap a courses played list.  My email is davidharak@Hotmail.com     

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    • Ok, my missing rounds from earlier in July are now loaded. I had given up and did not use it the past 2 weeks.
    • Oh, for sure.  There are plenty of PGA Tour players of my height and weight.  They hit it far further than I do    And speaking of driving distance, I really should return to Speed Sticks.  In fact, I'm going to move them from my golf room (why are they there?  I don't swing them inside) to the door to my loggia so I can use them tomorrow outside.
    • Now everyone with the "I'm waiting for full FDA approval" excuse can put up or shut up, or move the goalposts again.
    • Day 4: Yesterday's post didn't go through, guess I didn't hit submit after typing it out  Started with full swing priority piece, but everything was out of sorts. Tomorrow I'll practice earlier in the day with enough light to set up LVP camera. Switched to hitting pitch shots with 7-iron until I was making solid contact and the ball was starting on target. Then did some COVID-19 day 6/7 drills with LW.
    • Not sure what height has to do with age but ok.  I only asked based on what he said he weighed and how far he hits his drives. That said, you're absolutely right, age is a factor in training but it's really dependent on what you're doing and your body.  I'm fortunate in that although I'm climbing in age more rapidly than I'd like to think about, training wise, I'm not at all in a position where I have to make substantive changes. I see many drives much further than your current average given your height and weight if you keep up with it.  I've gained a few pounds of muscle since I started playing golf a few years ago and have def seen my distances increase.
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