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    • 44:53…..DiMarco disagrees with @measureoffsetinnm
    • Prove it. Do you have video of his putting up close to analyze that he miss hit the putts?   
    • Lol yeah. I think he may a bit like Venetos in that he doesn’t realize that how he swings…all the components are important and what comes easy or natural to him just doesn’t translate to everybody. For example Venetos constantly says ‘stillness’ is the key. No it isn’t. I can still hit it fat despite  keeping 70-90% of my weight forward. It’s in my hands and lead arm. He doesn’t accept that not everybody can just grab the club and use a functional grip and perform correct wrist action ‘by doing nothing with our hands.’ Tom over simplifies what he’s doing as well. ‘Just swing around your body.’ Ok. Shank. What happened? ‘You’ll feel like you’re swinging it down by your waist.’ Ok…yeah I did. Push. Slice. Another shank. But I’m swinging around my body. Yada yada….
    • Made 3 birdies today on the away composite. 9 is a repeat, but 17 and 18 are new.
    • I finally broke 80! http://www.gamegolf.com/player/billchao/round/3039116
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