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My Swing (Joseph Miau)

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I've been Playing Golf for: a few years when I was 5-10, stopped for 12 years, played a bit again 4-5 years ago, 2 years break, now back at it again for about 6 months
My current handicap index or average score is: low 90's, occasional high 80's
My typical ball flight is: Occasional fade with irons. Mostly straight. 
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: snap hooks on driver (closed club face, right shoulder dropping too soon inside out), two way misses otherwise (open/closed club face is my assumption)

About to get a club fitting, posted something there and got friendly comments to also post my swing here for other members to look at. 

My own comment/swing thought: This was from my last range session (I didn't record any driver shots in awhile) I also included a video of my practice swing, recently I've been trying hard to get my hips and shoulder more open at impact, which should reduce the amount of forearm rotation I have through impact which is causing me to have moments of open/closed club face two way misses (I think I have improved this but haven't had a friend/wife to video my newer sessions). I also sometimes have inconsistent shoulder plane, with my right shoulder dropping too early in the swing causing some chunks and some unwanted hooks on my driver shots most notably. 

I included a practice swing video to see how different I hope my hip/shoulder turn is at impact vs. what actually happened. 


[Delete this, Embed Videos Here - https://thesandtrap.com/how-to/embed-videos/]

Actual golf ball hit iron: 


Practice swing to open my hips/shoulder:


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Honestly, the swing looks pretty solid to me foundation wise. I'd like to see front on to see impact position and whether you tend to bob side to side. 

I'd focus on keeping you right foot more grounded and pivoting off your left foot. This is a Cameron  McCormick philosophy to the swing. Brodie Smith lesson's on YouTube can show you some ideas if you would like to focus on this. 

Take my info with a grain of salt if you would like because everyone swings different. It's about finding what tempo, pattern, philosophy works best for your ideology of a swing. My personal favorite: Mike Malaska.

I plug Malaska everywhere. 

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