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Practice mat that indicates divot location?

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I'm looking for a mat that indicates divot location, specifically location of first ground strike.

All I've found is a patent application, nothing seems to be on the market (this patent would be perfect): 

A golf practice mat that allows a golfer to practice hitting golf shots from a synthetic turf surface that emulates natural grass while still being able to...

True Strike etc are nice and soft and allow divots to be hit, but don't show exactly where the divot is located.

I want to work on my skills and develop skills for hitting the ground consistently in a place of my choosing. I need an indicator to do this, as there's not enough grass in my backyard (and the wife would disapprove), and the council will chase me off city parklands.
Regards and thanks – Brendan


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Just a thought, but could you put down some powder, or something similar that would show where the club is striking the mat?

Maybe even sand?3 

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Athletes foot spray works great too. Spray it down, let it dry and you’ll be able to see where you’re hitting. Should work on any kind of mat! Also works great on the clubface to see where you’re hitting the ball there too.

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13 hours ago, Big Duffer said:


 could you explain how to use the string, I've heard of this but it somehow escapes me

I've been using a piece of painters tape instead of a string or anything that is loose. The string or piece of grass can be moved by breeze created by the swing. The tape only moves if you hit it.

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