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Golf Glove Poll

When to wear a golf glove?  

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  1. 1. How to do you use your golf glove?

    • I never wear a golf glove.
    • I only wear the golf glove when hitting driver; I take it off the rest of the time.
    • I only wear the golf glove when hitting driver and "metal woods"; I take it off the rest of the time.
    • I wear my golf glove on all full shots, but take it off around the green.
    • I wear my golf glove for every shot, except when putting
    • I put my glove on at the start of the round and take it off after the round; I wear it all the time, full shots, short game putting, everything.
    • I wear two golf gloves

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52 minutes ago, sjduffers said:

I used to wear a glove for all shots until I got close to the green (removing it between shots so it would last longer and so I'd avoid the white left hand golf tan!).

Same thing here but I wear my glove all the time.  In the summer I have to take my left hand to the tanning booth to keep it as evenly tanned as the right.  Joking.  I live in the Northwest... there is no sun in the summer.

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Similar to @FlyingAce, I wear 2 FJ raingrip gloves for every shot except for putting.

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I use a glove for all full shots, but it comes off for any shot around the green and for putting. I prefer Titleist Players gloves because they are all leather palm and back of the hand. I hate gloves that use that synthetic leather crap. 

I wish I didn't have to use a glove, but my palms sweat so bad I can't hold on to the club otherwise.

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I used to wear a glove 100% of the time, just because I didn't like taking it on and off. Recenty, I have gone to no glove, and I plan to stick with that, weather allowing.

I'm fortunate to live in a very temperate area, so sweat and humidity are not an issue for me gripping the club. I do have winter/rain gloves to use when necessary.

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On 6/10/2019 at 7:02 AM, ChetlovesMer said:

Okay, this should be about the least controversial polls of all time.

I noticed the other day that I only put my golf glove on if I'm hitting the driver or metal wood (usually, but not always including my hybrids). A gentleman I was playing with never took his glove off the entire round. He even wore it while putting. 

When do you use a golf glove... or do you use one? 

Yeah, only off around the greens. I had one glove last 6 months. No signs of wear but it was definitely beginning to take on life forms. So, my partners would wince when I took it off. 😂

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I've never played with a glove, but have thought about it this year as this is the first year that I got semi-serious about the game. I picked up the habit from my dad, and he was and I am still a fan of Fred Couples. I don't know if that was the reason my dad never wore one, or if it was because he was cheap, but it stuck with me. I haven't had an issue with it, even in light rain this year, so I don't know if I will switch or not this coming year.

I was surprised to see that quite a few others chose the same poll option as myself. I figured that everyone used one, at least on some shots.

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I play with two gloves and remove them at green side for last chips and putting. I were 2 gloves as my right hand suffers with arthritis. Glove allows the fingers re-oritent themselves that I am ablate make a fairly solid grip.




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Voted for never take it off, but that isn't entirely true.  As a rule of thumb I will wear it for all shots, but I sometimes wind up taking it off as I am approaching the green because of sweat and will play delicate chip/pitch shots or putts without the glove.  I never worried about the glove on for any stroke, even putting.  Just habit I guess

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