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    • I enjoy watching the PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour and College Golf. PGA is just stunning what they do with a golf ball.   The LPGA & Champions Tour I can relate to how they play and I enjoy seeing the club selection and shot choice.  I can learn from both of these events. College National Championships is a blast to watch.  Young people playing for their team.  Like a mini Ryder Cup.  Lot's of enthusiasm.  
    • I think he has too. Look, I'm not saying they deserve a ton of money or something. But they get pretty well screwed over and are the ones doing the actual work. The fans are rewarded. The coaches are rewarded. The universities are rewarded. The players… most of them… don't even get an NFL contract. So what's their reward? Often… a useless degree? And if they're injured, often not even that, as their scholarship gets pulled. I think it's hilarious you reached in and pulled out… Joe Flacco. Major League Baseball players are "playing a sport." Should they be okay playing for, what, minimum wage? Not remotely the same thing.= Like Matt said, the advantage is already there. The money wouldn't shift that advantage around much.
    • Before the Honda moved to PGA National, they played the Senior PGA there for 18 years. It was a great tournament to follow the stars around and most of the players were very friendly especially Chi Chi Rodriguez who would give commentary as he played. Lee Trevino was a blast to follow around and watching him was like getting a lesson on how to hit scoring irons and wedges. He would also give commentary on how he hit a shot and talk to the gallery. It was just a lot of fun to watch. I remember one time when Jack was in a bunker on 15 and the marshall said, "Gee, it must take him an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes" and Jack looked up. He then settled and blasted it out to a foot and just smiled. There were a lot of stories that I remember well.  Anyway, back then it was really the nostalgia tour and that played well for the time. Its still good golf to watch but somehow it is not as relevant. I don't really follow it and I even have a free event that plays down the street that I haven't gone to. One thing I do know is that those guys can play. 
    • 77 (37-40) today. Started out strong, birdie, par, birdie, and then reality set in with 4 straight bogeys. Birdied the 8th and par on the 9th for the 37. Back was ugly with no birdies, and 4 bogeys, 5 pars.  
    • There is an putt putt game were the ball can take on random different shapes, one is a cube. 
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