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My Swing (alynch506)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 12 years
My current handicap index or average score is: 14
My typical ball flight is: 2-way miss (left pull, slight fade/slice), scoopy
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Chunk, back pain


I took some time (about 4 years) off from golf. Came back to an over the top swing, lost distance. Have been working on shallowing out the plane of my swing, but I am now pulling the ball left (hook) with consistently poor distance. To shallow out the plane I focused on swinging with my arms more instead of my upper body, but that has brought back pain which (I think) can be attributed to staying back. Most of my misses now are snap hooks which feel "scoopy" and uncomfortable. Many of my divots are still directed left of the target.

I am concerned with my setup/posture as well as takeaway, as well as my feet.

The first video is more recent after a few corrections, and the second is from my first few sessions hitting balls again. Totally unhappy with the look of the second video (staying back, looks like my legs are collapsing).

Thank you everyone!





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Going from the second video, I'd like to see a slightly narrower stance for an iron and certainly add some outward flair of the feet. This is especially important on that lead foot because of the caving in of that left knee. Some outward flair of the feet can be a simple stance change that will help remedy this.

Here is a great thread on that:


I think the first thing to work on should be a more centered pivot which for you will revolve around not letting that left knee cave in.

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Like you said, the legs or specifically the knees are really dancing. Would probably like to see the lower body a little more stable through the swing. Imagine straddling a barrel during your swing up to impact. Focus on getting those knees turned out just a bit to stabilize the base and keep from losing that front knee at the top of the back swing. Getting that base stable is a must before you can put the club consistently on the back of the ball.

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