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    • The way I play, my anti-handicap would probably be 10-15 shots higher than my handicap. Since I started playing again after getting my shoulder fixed, I've played what can only be called schizophrenic golf.
    • I used to have a couple lessons at the beginning of every season when I was growing up in Kentucky. That was something I learned from reading books by Jack Nicklaus, where he said he went to Jack Grout before every season to set himself up properly. It sounded like good advice back then. Now that I live in the sunshine and can play all year long, I take an occasional lesson when I realize I'm consistently doing something wrong. I recently went to my pro over hitting so many chunked, fat shots. He fixed me pretty quickly. (My swing must have looked really ugly)  Now, I realize I've bladed a lot of shot chip shots and I'm about to go talk to him again.
    • My worst hole is the first at Killian Greens. Since there is no driving range at KG, it's really hard to get loose before a round. The hole is a slight dogleg right with a canal 100 yards in front of the tee, another canal to the left side of the hole and a big lake to the right side. That lake bends around to the left, so from whatever position you've hit your drive into, you eventually have to hit over the lake, whether you lay up or not. The green is elevated at the right side and back and it has a could bunkers on the left. It's not a long hole. It's simply got too much trouble to get into when you can't practice and loosen up properly first. Through all the time I've played there, I've often made double or triple bogey, with or without penalty strokes. It just sets a disappointing tone for the whole round.
    • I took my first ever lesson about a month and a half ago.  Helped get me out of my rotating hands, shallow, behind myself type swing.  I got to a good point for a while there, but then I was so "scared" to go back to my old swing that I developed a lot of cheating habits which got me too loose and inconsistent the other way.  Yesterday I went back for a follow up, and we were able to find a middle ground between these two extremes, and because I was able to backtrack away from a big swing change to something more "comfortable" I was seeing an incredible amount of consistency that I've only seen on my best old days where everything synced up.  We were able to dial in some more minor things too which got me extremely excited and gave me the tools to self-diagnose faster after any mishit (I feel). So ultimately, as I work on ingraining the best habits I've ever had, we'll see when I'll need my next lesson.  If I can keep up everything we've worked on, I might be able to reach my goal of a sub 5 handicap.  If I falter and plateau before that, then I'll see him again.  As is, I wish he was around sooner (he didn't teach in the area until this year) and I feel like giving myself that ~6 week period to work on the first lesson and kinda break myself to an extreme opposite to my first broken swing.  I guess that means the simple answer for me is I go back as often as I need to, if I can't immediately figure out what I'm doing on my own.  And the more that I learn from my instructor, the more I realize I didn't know.  I thought I could get to a good playing level on my own, but after the lessons I never would've made the changes that he made and I'm better for having him be around.
    • I can appreciate what you’re saying but damn, it’s golf. Taking lessons sure as hell doesn’t take away the challenge of becoming even ‘respectable.’ Golf is hard.
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