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    • Eberts, the restaurant at Green Valley Ranch Golf Course is open for outdoor terrace seatings.  Went there for dinner last night - first time eating out since this all started.  
    • A lot of practice greens don't have the same conditioning as on-course greens. My suggestion would be (Step one) to try for the practice green, but only for 5-10 long putts (you can play many more short ones if you wish). You don't want to get too grooved in if the on-course greens are substantially different. (Step 2) After that, you pay SUPER close attention to the speed on green 1. Remember that green speed also dictates amount of break. If you get to hole one, and it's slower, and you miss high side, remember that the high-side miss wasn't because you misread it, it is because the green is slower. I have been on fire with the putter lately, and I think that this is why. Just be very perceptive on the first green, basically. For my pre-round, I am going to vote for the least amount of practice, only because I make lots of tee times straight after work, and I literally don't have any time to practice pre-round. Most of my weekend rounds I get to the course early though. 20-30 minutes is usually the mark for me, forgoing range balls (gotta pay for them thangz), and going straight to the practice green to get my chips going. I usually putt for 3-5 minutes and spend the rest chipping. As I am a player that doesn't hit the green in regulation that often, I want to make sure that when I am close, I have my strokes dialed in for those short yardages. I usually only use the 52 degree, as I can predict what "distances" I will get on the greens for the rest of the round.
    • I have read in several places that everyone should get fit for clubs to improve their game, no matter their skill level.  But I do not believe it.  Maybe it is due to the manufacturer sponsorships.  I just think that if you are going to be utilizing this site and making the radical changes to your swing that a "rookie" is bound for, your swing, and club profile will be changing with it - a lot. So do not sweat the specifics.  Get some sensible learning clubs to start with, second hand if you like.  If you can find them close to the recommendation without working to hard at it, wonderful.  If not, no sweat.  You are only going to use them for a year or two. In the meantime, make a "My Swing" thread for yourself and post it to this site so that you can begin to work on that swing.  Once you begin to feel confident with your mechanics, get a new fitting before you upgrade your clubs. That is what I would do.
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