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    • I like to walk and feel I play better walking. But when it's hot, I need to ride because it can be very fatiguing. 
    • I takes a lot of work to correct swing issues. Many of us have played with physical limitations. I am better now, but have played through shoulder and knee injuries that required surgery. They weren't caused by golf. @billchao played with me on my last round in 2018 where my knee just stopped working.  Changes can be made though and no one is beyond hope. I could be as simple as just shortening your backswing, which is less limiting and produces better contact. I really encourage you to post a video in the Member Swings section and let us help.
    • Not sure how much has changed, but I had the opportunity to take the Pelz 2 day, chipping, pitching, putting, and bunker clinic, back in the early 90's (maybe the late 80's). It was great. I'd say go for it.
    • No. That’s not what I meant to show. I’m saying @iacas and many others on this site don’t just throw claim out there and that’s that. There’s reasoning to it and discussion along with some data showing results. You stated earlier he was ‘biased’ being an instructor. He’s not. Well, he’s biased to facts, data and science. If you say ‘you’re wrong’ you better have factual reasons to base your arguments. Jim doesn’t.    My point from early on was this: We already have the conventional swing style producing the highest level golf. We have people making money ( some a living)  off long drives and they hit up on the ball. If Jim is going to claim the conventional teachings are wrong and his is better, it’s his responsibility to prove this. If he’s going to say one can achieve pro level golf with his swing, that’s his responsibility to prove. It’s not @iacas’s or any other instructor’s responsibility to prove it isn’t. There aren’t tour level golfers with this swing. None. Or at least Jim hasn’t shown any. And there is no data showing the numbers that this swing is every bit if not more powerful than the conventional swing method. Again, that’s Jim’s responsibility to prove.
    • Go to the range and intentionally try to draw the ball with smooth 3/4 swings, you'll probably hit it straight.  Check posture, alignment, stance, and ball position.  Try to feel like you are delivering the club face to the ball from the inside with a slightly closed club face, the ball should draw but in your case, it might just go straight.  Swing easy.  Swing, don't hit with the right shoulder (if you are a righty).  Or, try hitting some easy punch shots with a 6 iron from the middle of your stance.  Take it back to 9 o'clock and punch/trap the ball but follow thru only to 3 o'clock.  Try to make the divots not go left, try for straight and symmetrical divots.  Golf is a game of opposites, if you want it to go left, you have to aim right.  If you went it to go high, you have to hit down.  Try learning to draw the ball but focus on the path of the clubface into the ball.  Take that all with a huge grain of salt.   What are the cures?  Who knows without a diagnosis, we're all guessing. It could partly be a weak grip.  Too much tension in the hands and forearms?  Your hips and stance could open at address.  Posture might be wrong.  You could be jammed up to the ball at address (heel strike, gear effect).  Your left elbow and arm position could be wrong at address.  You probably have a reverse pivot.  You probably start down with the right shoulder and over the top combined with a reverse weight shift and weak grip, it is a weak heel slice (path left, left, left and some degree of open face relative to path) but for sure, your path is wrong. Slicers always have outside to inside path.  Shafts could be too stiff.  Grips too fat (club gripped with the palms).  Lie angles could be too flat. Just a SWAG.  Could be a lot of problems but outside path for sure and probably incorrectly activated right shoulder with a weak grip is my guess. A picture is worth a 1000 words, post a video and you will get a thousand opinions.  You mentioned you had managed to rid yourself of the slicing curse, what was the original fix?
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