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    • It's been a while, but I had my first no sixes round in quite sometime.  A few years back, it was a daily occurrence, but first one in a long time.  Hopefully I'm on te way back to play better.   5 5 5 3 4 5 4 5 5 - 41    4 3 4 3 5 4 5 4 4 - 36 - 77  Started on the back 9 with a 36, played last 4 holes, 4 over.   
    • The surcharge for small businesses is a real thing. A credit card company will charge a business between 1 and 5% for handling the money for them. This affects small businesses more than big businesses for at least 2 reasons.   Firstly, big business can sometimes negotiate that rate down really low. Sometimes they can even partner with a card and get the rate removed all together (See Costco's partnership with Citi Visa).  Secondly, Big businesses sometimes handle so much cash, that it's very literally a cost savings for them to having the CC company handle the money stream. Where as small business think of sending Judy over to the bank once a week as a non-expense. Even if it really is an expense, often its left off the budget sheets, so cash is seen as "free" to use.  Lastly, sometimes small businesses can fudge their tax numbers by accepting cash. Technically its illegal, but that doesn't make it uncommon. You'll see this a lot with contract work. The person may say something like "Pay me in cash, I'll give you a 10% discount." There are certainly legal and legit reasons to want your customers to pay cash. But sometimes its because they can fudge their tax numbers. 
    • Coin shortage is a real thing.  Lots of people aren't paying cash at all (which leaves their coins out of circulation) while even among those who pay cash, carrying the coins around has stopped being a thing (even pre-Covid).  I used to really like it when the bill was $4.26 and I'd pay with $5.01 to get quarters back instead of 74 cents.  I rarely pay cash these days though. L.A. City courses went to a surcharge for paying by CC a year or so ago, and kept the surcharge when they reopened for Covid but also prohibited non-CC payments!  I wonder if that's allowed by the CC agreement, but I'm not sure I want to push the issue and take the risk. 
    • Thanks.  I really enjoy it too, and have a win and a T3 in my club's match play (but I haven't so much as won a match in recent years;  the win was 2015 and the T3 was 2014).   A,C,E, and F are things I really need to remember.  D I was good about at some point, and I'll re-read the differences before Sunday's match.  For B, not only are we playing a match, but our foursome is filled out with another match, so that should be great for pace.   Thanks!  I do have to remember that, especially with opponent's shots.  In thinking back to recent years, I did get out of my game for a while, whereas the year I won, I don't think I hit into any bunkers in any round (which meant aiming away from flags, I think that was early in the #DeadCenter era).  Unfortunately I didn't have a GG then so I don't have a record.  I'm giving strokes, but on 5 of the 6 holes where I'll be doing so, they're long holes and my opponent is a short hitter.  Still, I think going for par will help, not trying to force anything.  A bogey will be a good score for him on those holes, and I need to remember that. 
    • Broke 90 at Rivers Edge in NC! 89
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