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Just to add, I live near a driving range that I go to all the time, but their yardages are sketchy and hard to tell on some of the longer shots how far I'm hitting it. It's not a great range, but it's cheap and a chance to hit balls and get in some practice. I've only played golf like twice in the last 4 months so I don't have the luxury of figuring out my distances at the course. I have all next month off and am playing to play a lot of golf so just thought I'd check out and see if there is technology out there to get a better exact reading on some of my numbers.

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This may have already been stated. If so my apologies, as I don't like to repeat things already posted. 

Every driving range I have ever been to, have had some sort of fixed point yardage marker for their flag pins. Wider ranges might even have two, maybe three fixed points they measure from. 

Obviously when the course moves their hitting stations forwards, or backwards, the yardages will change due to that movement to repaired turf to hit off of. 

What the golfer has to do is to do a little math to make up the difference, to find the correct yardages for their hitting station that day.

At my home course the fixed point is painted on the concrete where the mats would go on those "mats only" days. They also have yardages on on "A" frame signs. Sometimes when they change the hitting stations, they forget to move yardage signs. Today's hitting stations were off of turf,  20 yards closer to the range flag pins. 

I know. "Tell us something we don't know". However, too many times I have corrected folks on the range who were goofed up by the yardages they were hitting balls. They are aiming at the 100 yard flag, while thinking they have gained a bunch of yardage hitting their 100 yard club. Their normal 230 yard drives are now falsely going 250, or 260 without knowing the yardage corrections.  

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3 hours ago, Missouri Swede said:

@Patch: I don’t trust distances with range balls.

I don't either unless they are relatively new, or other peoples game balls that find there way into the ball dispenser.

When I use range balls, I cull the old, beat up ones, and use them swing warm ups. 

The other problem with range balls, new, and/or worn out, is that some courses are going to limited flight balls. My home home course is thinking seriously about doing this for safety reasons. Our 18th fairway runs right along the hook side of our range. People are getting hit. Cart windshields are getting hit. On the slice side is a 4 lane highway. Cars are getting hit. 

The thought is that limited flight balls will tend to stay in the confines of the range. Less complaints. 

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On 6/28/2019 at 8:53 AM, ChrisP said:

Just trying to get more precise and exact with my numbers. I know “roughly” how far I hit each club. I just didn’t know if there was technology out there that gives you an exact reading every time you hit it.  

Yes, portable launch monitors do that. You gotta put up money to get one though. You can hit balls and get your exact carry. Even at 5, you’re going to have a bandwidth, so get a session on a launch monitor or buy one and gap test. Hit as many balls as you like and write down your averages. That’s about precise as you can be at 5.

I own a gc2 and love it. Wish I had more time to hit on it but I try to keep up with my swing here and there when I can. I base my yardages off “reasonably good” hits to make sure I get pin high on my approaches, know if I can carry the water off the tee with driver, etc. I kinda have 3 ranges of distances: my max carry/pumped range; my reasonably good range; and my low flight low spin range. 

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As an old geezer amateur, who started playing golf when a Timex was the only device other than golf related stuff that most used, we all got fairly good at choosing club to distance by eye and feel. I recall often thinking "That looks like a soft (or strong or regular) 7i to me" or something like that.

I was a low single digit golfer at the time.

Since then, I have moved to much newer club technology employing GI clubs with soft-regular  graphite shafts , They did not exist in the 1970's.

Now, I tend to "learn" my distance/club with distances measured at a Top Track at my main range.  Yes, they are range balls, but I add  about 10 yards to my distances to allow for the fact that I play soft e12 by Bridgestone as opposed to the harder range balls by Srixon my range uses.  While not as close as a pro gets after consultation with his or her caddy, my club selection has improved greatly.

I do that about once every 6-8 weeks or so. or when I acquire a new club; and, over the past year I have developed a very good sense of which club I will select.

 To help me, I  make a small laminated card to attach to the bag, with my "current" averages per club listed on it.  Average puts me in the right neighborhood.

I do play with a friend, from time to time, who owns all of the latest electronic toys. He spends about 60 - 90mseconds, at least, before every shot to "know" exactly what to play.  I play without GPS or rangefinder.  My choice of clubs does me well.  

I am not saying to not use the toys, just do not become so attache you don't play golf.

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    • Hi All! I started really making an effort to improve my game this summer. Took a couple of lessons and really started to make good contact with the irons and stop pulling the ball. Getting confident there. Now, I'm having a crazy issue with the driver.  The last time I was hitting my driver straight-ish, I had the ball way farther back in my stance than seemed natural for a driver, basically in the middle of my stance. The ball would be low but for the most part straight. I moved the ball forward in my stance, and all hell has broken loose. Now every shot with the driver is a hard, low-arcing hook that starts way left and stays way left. My swing with the driver doesn't feel comfortable at all. I'm going to take another lesson and ask about it, but I was wondering if any of you had had a similar experience. Any advice would be appreciated.
    • Actually he did. They have two of the booths with the screens that show your ball flight and all the numbers they use. He had some other electronic device he was using behind me. This place is a really nice golf course with 27 holes, plus a really nice practice facility. They are supposed to be the best in Wisconsin for club fitting. It took me all day to get there, get this done and drive back. I sure do hope it works out!
    • At least the guy in the store didn't tell you that you were standing too close to the ball after you hit it.  Old joke.
    • I have played Ping GI (GMax) for the past three years. I also start my irons at 6i. I made sure they were a good fit at the time I bought them.  Mine are Ping, red, senior shaft.  I, too, had some difficult getting used to those shafts. I had used steel shafts for decades. It took a while of practicing my 6i,7i and 9i, one club at a time  My coach tore down my swing with these clubs to the basics to get to the level of confidence I have now. We videoed everything, including grip for each club.  We discussed the target range and loft of each clubs.  While you are tending, I think, to see these clubs as a "set", I was told to treat these as individual clubs only.   I have also used tape and spray to mark just about every practice shot I took.  And for a while I need every shot to look for patterns (I tend to hit more towards the toe.) After I examined the markings, the pattern of mis-hits was clear and that gave my coach a clear view of what needed correction. As well, we took it down to position of the face of the club at every point of the swing. We slowed down the swing until I felt comfortable with it. Finally, everything was combined into the swing I now use. Finally, we looked at any changes I might make for each of the clubs.  It took about a month of this kind of steady practice.  Now I am happy with the shots around 90% of the time. Like you, I do choke up a bit on these clubs more than my 3 hybrids.  As many have said, there could be many reasons these are not working for you. I suggest making a video and posting it on line here at TST.  
    • I know I still have a long, long way to go but this is my before swing:   Cutting way across the ball, weak slices, shanks, over the top, out to in - you name it horrible, horrible. Then after one evolvr lesson 6 days later:    Still not pretty at all, but my instructor has got my grip stronger (with my right hand at least, still working on my left hand) and I've got a sensation of trying to leave the club face more closed throughout the swing and bowing the lead wrist more, even though I'm not in reality. Ive had dramatic improvements in ball flight. Hitting a mix of straight shots, draws and occasional hooks now, and all but eliminated slicing, Gained a lot of distance too. It's turned things around for me to be honest. Now I am working on strengthening the grip with the left hand, turning out my left foot and angling my neck to match my shoulders, as per my instructors advice. Any further suggestions welcomed. Im pretty sure Im flipping the club a lot and adding loft. 
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