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Big Bertha 2006 uniflex shafts

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I was gifted a set of 2006 Callaway Big Bertha irons with the uniflex shafts. I hit these clubs very well and they are a good fit for me. My question is does anyone have any info or specs on the uniflex shaft? Since I hit them so good I'm looking to find a similar feel for my woods and hybrids. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks

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The uniflex Callaway shaft was basically a TT Lite. True Temper 115-118 gram, mid to high launch. I would be looking at shafts that are mid-high launch R flex. Weight wise probably figure 60g driver, 70g 3 wood, 85g hybrids give or take.

Are you looking at re-shafting your current woods and hybrids, or buying new? Most of the stock shaft offerings for new clubs will fall pretty close to these basic specs if you pick out the right weight. If you are re-shafting, I can try and focus you on some options but would need to know some basic fitting info. Club speed, typical miss, ball flight, price point.

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Thank you very much Adam C.

I'll probably search for new woods. I am currently using some Cobra stuff with senior flex and light weight. I love them but I have a tendency to pull some shots with them.

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Could try something a bit stiffer (R flex) and heavier and see if that straightens anything out, though a pull is usually still going to exist regardless of equipment changes. But never know until you try.

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Here's the specs on Uniflex shaft from the Callaway 2008 golf catalog:

  • X20 irons: Uniflex 121-106 grams...midkick
  • Big Bertha irons: Uniflex 111-101 grams...Low kick

Uniflex came in as Firm flex, between Regular and Stiff.  Designed to be an OK shaft for a wide range of golfers.

In 2009 I switched out my irons for the first time in 14 years. I initially went with the X20 irons. I had tried both the BBs and the Ping G10 models, but both had high launch Uniflex shafts that caused the short irons to balloon.

In Maltby MFP rating, the X20, BB and G10 all came in as Ultra Game Improvement. For me, the X20's midlaunch "U" had the best shaft of the three.

You may find old TST threads where people disparage the Uniflex shafts. It depends on your goals. If you focus on your swing rather than endlessly swapping out clubs, the Uniflex may work fine for you.

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Thanks for the info everyone - much appreciated. I have a another shaft question. Looking for a shaft similar to the Snake Eyes Quick Strike R-flex found on the Quick Strike hybrids.s-l1600.jpgs-l1600.jpg

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The SE shaft I believe is around 80 grams and mid launch. Really nothing special about it. Again, get the weight close and you are going to usually be pretty good.

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