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    • One of my leagues started up last night.  It was good to see everyone again.  One team dropped out, uncomfortable with the current situation, but for the most part it was pretty much business as usual. USAPL 9-ball.  Fargo Rate based handicapping.   For those unfamiliar, whoever sinks the 9-ball wins the game and gets 14 points, loser gets one point for each ball they pocketed.  Match is handicapped  with the better player having to earn more points to win the match.  In my case last night, I needed something like 65 pts to his 51 pts. Shaking off a little competitive rust, but played well and easily won 70/12.  
    • I’m out of town watching the grandson while my daughter/son in law work from home. I get out to the range/9 hole par 3 when I can. As a single player right now I haven’t even attempted to get a tee time at a regulation course. If I was back home I’m sure I could pull it off
    • Good for you. I was going to say from everything you’ve described about your course, it’s poorly run.
    • Agree with the first part but disagree with the second. There are lots of offensive defensemen in the league now. Are they going to win any Art Ross Trophies? Probably not, but the league is much different today than it was 50 years ago. The eras absolutely matter. Players today overall are stronger, faster, better coached. There are systems in place for defending aggressive defensive pinches and the risk for failing is greater because the defenseman can’t just hustle back and overtake opposing players on a rush to get back in a defensive position. Goaltending has improved significantly as well. Consider that Brian Leetch last scored 102 points in an era where a player could go on a breakaway and score from the top of the circle with a slapshot. He’s definitely one of the best defensemen to ever play the game, but I don’t know that’s enough to say he’s the GOAT. I mean an argument can be made that’s he’s not even the GOAT defenseman... some would say that’s Lidstrom.
    • I am in the category that Seminole is over-rated, but only slightly so.  Tough greens are not the only reason a course can be great, however tough AND interesting greens go a long way to making a course special. Elevated table top greens were genius for the seminole design, because it forces the golfer to take an aerial route to hold many of the greens...but for a coastal course the aerial route can be extremely challenging due to the usually high winds coming off the coast. And the nasty green side bunkers make short siding oneself something to absolutely avoid..otherwise forget golf your playing ping pong! However, though the great challenge awaits the good player that wants to get aggressive...the average Joe can scrap together a score in their usual range if they drive the ball ok and just avoid taking too much risk on approach shots. Very playable off the tee, which is why some claim it is overrated.  The routing is what really makes the course stand out to architecture nerds. Ross took a fairly uninteresting piece of land (except for the coastal view) and routing much of the course (many greens and tees and even a few fairways!) along two ridges on opposite ends of the property that allow for great views, the most wind exposure, different angles to encounter the wind, and of course constantly bringing the golfer back to the most interesting topography on the course throughout the round. I (like many others) am not a fan of the numerous man made lakes through the middle of the course, but Ross had no choice really because of the bowl like nature between the ridges...he ad some drainage problems to deal with. There are many architects out there that should take a lesson from Ross on how to route a golf course and maybe we would have less dull courses on interesting land! Also...I have come to the conclusion that Seminole is the American version of Muirfield in the UK. Both courses have their admirers and their strong critics. Both courses are textbook examples of how a golf course can be routed. Both are coastal, and both have less than special topography. The weaknesses are similar but in different ways...Seminole is more challenging around the greens and more playable tee to green, while Muirfield has very subtle green contours, but can be a bear Tee to green.  Both are great courses in my opinion, but both are a hair over-rated by some as well (again IMO). 
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