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    • If I was hitting driver well prior to this hole I’d go for the green because it’s fun. I’d aim at the left center of the green. When I’m in sync with driver, my driver misses are almost exclusively left of target. I typically get around 270 carry on good swings. Doubt I’d carry all the way to the green in a headwind, but I’d probably be short in the large bunker, short in the rough in front of the green, or left in the fairway. If I wasn’t feeling good with driver, I’d probably hit a 4-iron, 3h, or 5W to the left of the large bunker and try to leave a 50-75 yard shot into the green.
    • It essentially depends on two things.  The danger around the green when going for it and the ability for a driver to hold the green.  If the bunker and rough is penalising, then laying up makes sense.  If it would be pretty easy to play out of, go for it.  The other factor is holding a green when you hit a driver.  If that is difficult to do and either needs you to land short and run on, or will lead to you running over the green, then that needs to be weighed.  Essentially, your second shot should be easier than a 50 to yard shot in.
    • For $399, you can get a full set of Callaway Strata which includes D, 3W, 4H, 5H, 6-PW, SW, Putter, Bag, 4 headcovers.  Costco: for $499 Callaway Edge set: D, 3W, 5H, 6-PW, SW, Odyssey Putter, 3 head covers, no bag. They're a little more than you want to spend, but... Are you going to get the bug? Finding a set of irons used right now is going to be tough because of the coronavirus stuff. People aren't buying because in many states golf shops are still considered non-essential businesses.  
    • This..... The Cleveland HB's are so easy to hit. BUT If your father is a lousy ball strike......r no club will help...you just can't buy a game...otherwise every golfer would be a low cap.....maybe your father can be better served with lessons. How old is your father?
    • I'm well...thanks. Was doing some Googles....I didn't know you're at 6500-7000 feet elevation...or is that only at Paako?....you must be crushing the ball at that elevation on firm courses. Is Paako the same #1 NM course I read about in the mid 1990's when Golf Digest had a great book rating many of the states and countries best courses....I think Paako had a 5 star rating for value & the course itself...if I recall...the green fee back then was $20-$30????....or am I thinking about another highly ranked NM course?....I know Paako is an expensive course nowadays.....is it cart mandatory or are the 27 holes walkable? Two 78's is incredible on a tough course like Paako....no wonder the gals and guys don't want to play with you...you're a "BALLER" and would shame them.....lol. Is NM always windy?...I hate playing in the wind...it generally not overly windy here. Have you tried the M4...I think that's a really good stick...you could likely find one around $150-$175 if used club inventory is high in NM.
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