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    • I wore a long john and 4 layers on top.  I also had a ski gloves on in between shots.  Fortunately, the sun came out after about the 5th hole so I could take a layer off and the ski gloves. It also helped that I walked.
    • Hey, I don’t want to jinx the experiment by calling victory, but it worked. I used a regular flex and much lighter shaft that weighs 48.5 grams. It has a med/high launch and is cut to 46.5” and plays at 47.5”. I put it on the TaylorMade M6 head in the upright setting. I did not remove the weight screw or tinker with the head at all. My first two drives were a hook and a fade/slice. However, once I became use to the feel and slowed down my swing to about 75% the results were impressive. The ball flight settled in at a mid launch draw. I definitely picked up yards. I don’t know how many because at my range we hit into a lake, but I know where my drives usually end up and this was well beyond that even into a decent breeze.    The lighter, more flexible shaft must have compensated for the added swing weight. The strikes were on the screws. I am encouraged by the results. We will see what happens when I put it into play. 
    • Bombay Sapphire or Hendrick’s?
    • I like the idea, but it should be a separate event. 
    • He hit one in the tournament this weekend, from the fairway.
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