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    • I hate it if random strangers ask me if they can join. I always lose my composure. I said "no" a few times and explained why, but they always give  me glimpse like I murdered their first born.   I played a 109 today. For some of you outrageously high, for me a very good round. 😎 Played better than my provisional handicap.
    • Now that my season is done, I would like to reflect. My driving Fairway Hit % in the beginning of the year was less than 40%, to end the year it was 63.5%. My target goal was 65%, and if you remove the drives before I got my new driver it moves up to 66.4%, but that is cheating myself. I need to improve this stat. My average GIR was 7.8. This is bad, I really need to improve this. However, my best rounds of the year were all over 12 GIR, which shows that when I’m on my game, I’m hitting greens.  My Average score on par 3’s was 4.186. I really need to improve my par 3 play. My average par 5 score was 5.546. I’m not mad about this, but considering my length off the tee and with irons, I would want this to be at or under 5. My average par 4 score was 4.915 This is just abysmal. I shouldn’t be averaging nearly a bogey on par 4’s.  My average score in tournaments was an 89. 75. My average score out of tournaments was an 80.66. My goal for tournaments was 85 or better and my goal outside tournaments was under 80. I hit neither. These are the only stats I keep at the moment. I had a few rounds in the 90’s and 2 rounds over 100. The 90+ and 100+ scores were all in tournaments, save for one round of 91 I shot on my schools course. All in all, my short game improved a ton, my  iron ply improved a ton, my driving was the biggest overhaul, and my mid range wedges gained a fair amount of accuracy and consistency. I don’t feel I’m far off of being in the 70’s or better. I typically give myself plenty of birdie attempts, and I can recover well. 
    • Last day of the year for golf. Ended it kind of sadly.  Long story short, I was 2 over through 15, had about 5 birdie putts that I missed, made 2 birdies, had about 4 insane recovery chips that I still don’t understand how I pulled off, and 4 bogeys that honestly shouldn’t have happened. 2 were 3 putts from on the green, one was trying a stupid hero shot and drilling a tree, and the last one was a flubbed chip.  16 Tee I wildly miss the fairway with my fairway wood. It stings extra bad missing the fairway when you try to lay up, so I let it get in my head and decided to try yet another hero shot, drilled a tree and back into the fairway. Gun the yardage, 154 about an extra 10 uphill, so about 164. Torn between an 8 and a 7. My 8 goes about 164 max in the warm if I really up my tempo, and my 7 typically carries 178 in the warm, so I decided to play it safe and grip down on a 7 iron and flight the ball higher in the air so it carries shorter and stops better. Proceed to fly the green by about 10 yards because I absolutely poured the ball. Lose the ball in long grass behind green, return to previous shot, penalize myself for losing a ball and grab an 8 iron, then proceed to come up well short. You can see where I’m going with this. Finish with an 8. Now 6 over through 16, Finish 3 putt double bogey, and then par to shoot 80.  Oh well, shit happens sometimes. Up until that point I was playing well. 11 GIR is a pretty good stat, but 11 GIR and only 7 being par or better is not good.   Edit: looked at scorecard and realized i actually shot double bogey, then par to finish. Kind of stings worse.
    • Last summer when I started playing tournament golf, I couldn’t hit my driver to save my life. Horrendous hooks, seemingly no matter what I would do.  Finally, I got tired of it. I told my instructor that what we were working on just wasn’t working and Id like you take a look at my driver because while my swing was visually getting better, the results were not. To make a long story short, I got fitted for a much stiffer and 20g heavier shaft and my driver is debatably the best club I have from 5-Driver. I just enjoy hitting it now. Much higher and more penetrating flight, longer average carry and MUCH straighter on mishits. This last tournament season my Fairway% was 63.5% and when I missed, I typically didn’t miss by much.   I highly recommend working with an instructor and, probably most importantly, getting fit. The wrong shaft/head combo can wildly throw off your game.
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