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    • With my standard grip? It wouldn’t surprise me with those “abnormal” ones, but thought I had fixed that issue with normal grip. I’ll check that today. Thanks - it disappointing that one can spend a good amount of time thinking an issue has become a non-issue only to find when it falls off “the radar,” it’s still an issue. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know - I know you guys are gonna be busy this week/weekend and I hope you guys have a lot of fun and laughs. I would love to be there so you could tell me about my grip being super palmy in person 🙂
    • Hey all, new member and new player here, looking for advice on which clubs to carry. I have only played 2 rounds of golf in my life (with a friend's borrowed bag) and have been to the range about a dozen times. Pretty poor player at the moment, I drive around 125, and my mid-irons go around 80-100. My last round of golf I shot a 70 on the front Nine (par 35) Here is my plan for a starter set, let me know what you think (note, these will all be standard height/lie, graphite shaft, and the irons will be "cavity-backed"...except the wedge, which I already had, and is a typical steel/blade construction). -Driver (looking at a higher loft than average, perhaps 12 degrees? I have been using a 10, but I struggle to get it up) -Fairway Wood (again, I'm thinking the higher loft the better, so prob a 7?) -3 Irons (thinking about a 6, 9, and LW.... A 6 because it is the longest I can hit reliably, a LW because it's easiest to hit and ideal for shots near the green,, and a 9 because it's halfway between the 6 and LW) -Putter (just picked up the cheapest one I could find in a local used golf store...also bought a practice putting green off amazon)   Will those 6 clubs be enough to get me through a course? Note I have left off hybrids, I can't seem to hit with them, and do much better with equivalent irons anyway. I'm iffy on the Fairway Wood too, but I figure I need at get comfortable with one because of their utility, and my inability to hit long irons. At some point in the future I will fill in my "iron gaps," but I'm looking for a bare minimum for now.   Thanks for any insight!  
    • Grip looks super palmy again.
    • I used “indoor 6ft” with about 10-12’ from the ball position to the net. Again, all week long (I’ve been borrowing this from a friend) it’s given me more consistent data with smash factors closer to 1.3 with 8-9irons. There may have been something off for that particular set up last night, but really the reason I used it was to document the “carrying distance” for purposes of meeting @iacas’s 85% distance criteria...so “apples to apples” it did what I needed it to do. I’ll set up again today see what kind of numbers I get and see (if it still is giving higher than normal numbers) what needs tweaking. 
    • What settings did you use? I find that into my net, I have to use a different distance from the ball because my net is only 7 feet from the ball. If I move the MEVO between 6 and 7 feet, I get different numbers. I use Indoor 6 feet for my net and outdoor 7 feet at the range.
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