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    • I guess if one needs to choose how they wish to put themselves at risk during a nationwide pandemic, playing golf sure is a lot better than going to WalMart or Home Depot or a pool party at LOTO. Yes, my thoughts are part of "Is Golf Available Where You Live."  People are pretty much welcome to do what they want to do now that things are re-opening, but a reminder from just one person that there is still some risk involved probably won't be enough to keep golfers from golfing, but it needs to be said, just for balance. Like I've already said, this is the first time in 14 years that we're not back to work by now, so something's going on. There will be a new normal, governed by common sense and prevention.  Like most everything else, how golfers golf, how courses operate, will be in the mix for a long time.
    • I made a correction to my round which added a stroke. I noticed that I broke my FW accuracy record yesterday, and when I went back through the holes to see which fairways I missed, I noticed a 275 yard drive that didn't seem right. I missed a 3W tag (that I totally hit fat trying to get home in 2). On the plus side, correcting it improved my FW accuracy even more, but I am no longer in the 93 club. View this round on GAME GOLF   Great playing with you too. I was chatting with @Braivo about getting a match play event going between Ohioans and those from the state up north. I will start another thread on that though.
    • I always like getting new or newer (used) clubs so far be it from me to tell anyone not to buy new clubs. Having said that, I have a few questions. 1 - What are you using today? You said you have hand me downs are they from the 1960's or are they a 2015 set?  2 - How well do you hit what you have today? Example: Do you hit everything pretty well, but struggle with your 4 iron. That's a different situation than "I need more distance throughout the bag."  3 - How consistent do you feel your swing is. Remember, consistent doesn't necessarily mean good.  4 - Are you working with a coach/pro whatever?  5 - This might be crazy but maybe wait on new clubs... If what you have is working at least decently you may want to consider spending that cash on playing a ton, or lessons. I really think the end of this season/start of next season there are going to be some crazy good deals. From what I've heard/read the big golf equipment guys aren't moving any 2020 product do to this COVID thing. If you can be patient, you may be able to get a lot for your money at the start of next season when 2021 stuff comes out and the 2020 stuff is still just sitting there.  Anyhow, just one opinion. Welcome to the forum. Look around and enjoy yourself. 
    • I already frequent yo momma's house, I assumed the OP meant what I'm am going to eat after this is over. 
    • Looking at second had due to price, ill check that site out! really appreciate it!
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