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    • Going in the net is the best measure. It's the only one that counts. Most goals are scored close to the net. So good opportunities are between the face-off circles and in towards the crease (the blue area the goalie stands in). People get excited when a player winds up for the big slap shot from the blue line, but NHL-caliber goalies are going to save those most of the time if they have clear sight of the shot. Having offensive players close to the goal can result in these shots getting tipped past a goalie or provide a screen to make it harder for the goalie to see the puck. Also spectacular to watch are breakaway goals where a player streaks in on net. Understand these are normally clear-cut defensive mistakes when they happen. Naturally, there is strategy involved. It's not quite as systematic as football of course. Different players have different responsibilities in a given situation. Coaches attempt to match the opponents line with the line he thinks can best do the job against them. Other than off face-offs, you don't necessarily have the chance to design a play like you would in football, so play is much more free-flowing. Really appreciating what a particular coach is doing involves knowing who is on the ice both for your own team and the opponent. Fortunately, the action involved in hockey makes the sport infinitely watchable even if you only have a very loose concept for the strategy involved.  
    • Great lesson today - got some new stuff to work on for next time. Only had time for full swing work in the less, so didn't get to my putting inquiries. We had a good chat about alignment, and discussed how tee box setup and the view/shape of the hole from the tee can influence alignment. The gist was that even if a good target is selected, sometimes what you see can trick you into setting up with bad alignment. Her advice was to play some practice rounds and use alignment sticks on every shot to get a sense for this, and that sometimes I'll need to make a conscious effort to align in the right direction even if my brain is telling me otherwise. Club face sometimes gets too shut on the takeaway. I was aware of this before, and it's just something that I need to be mindful of. My angle of attack had drifted to about 0.2 degrees up, when normally it's more like 2 degrees down, so we worked briefly on making sure I was covering the ball, and it got back to my normal range of 1.5-2.5 degrees down. 7-iron carry increased from ~160 to ~170 yards with a better angle of attack. Main thing we worked on was rotating through impact and keeping the right arm from rolling on top of the left through the finish. Did about 25 minutes of short, very slow swings, just feeling this and learning to not push too much with the right hand/arm. This is my homework for the month. Tried a bunch of different feels, and didn't find one that resonates yet. I think this is something that planemate and pump drill will be good for, so there's a lot of that in my future practice.
    • There are not a lot of things that I'm sure of with regard to golf. The one thing I AM sure of is the Cobra F7 hybrid is the best Hybrid that Cobra has ever produced. Better than the Speedzone, better than the F9 hybrid, WAY WAY WAY better than the F8 (The F8 was a giant step backward for Cobra Hybrids).  That said, the Speedzone and the F9 are fine hybrids. But the f7 was simply better. Better shaft options and it was the last hybrid Cobra produced with the "My-Fly" technology. Additionally, it was not "Snap-hooky" like some many hybrids of a few years ago were. The baffler technology was at its peak with the F7 as well.  You don't have to take my word for it. Go out and try to buy a used Cobra F7 Hybrid... Holy cow, there aren't any available, There are plenty of F6 hybrids (even some non-used ones), There are tons of used F8 hybrids (Again, big step backward IMO). There are F9's and even used Speedzone hybrids already available. Good luck finding an F7 (unless you are a lefty). Those of us who have F7 hybrids are not selling them. You can pry mine from my cold dead hands.   
    • Not surprised. I wonder what kind of economic hit this is for the town of Augusta?
    • Who knows when a good swing tip may come along.  That might be Butch Harmon standing next to you.  😁
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