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    • I am not sure I understand the process here.  There are tee times from 7:30 until 9:30 on nines A, B and C.  Players finishing A go to B.  B goes to C and C to A.  Clearly, if the players with a 7:30am tee time on A arrive at B, they need to wait until the 9:30 players tee off.  Otherwise everything gets screwed up. If I have the 9:30 tee time on B (the last tee time until 11:30am, presumably), I can't let the 7:30am group from A go in front.  Soon the 7:40 group will arrive and they will want to go in front of me and so on.  I could sit there letting every group from A make the turn/tee off and THEN, the 11:30am group arrives. What am I missing?
    • Our senior club traditionally has held 13-14 tournaments in SE Mitten with shotgun starts.  We switched over to tee times this year.  Even with the Governor's relaxation of social distancing to allow shotguns and 2 to a cart, we are sticking to tee times this year. 1. No course had enough carts for 112 single riders.  We are not going to force/coerce our members to ride with people outside their household. 2. None of our Board, of which I am a member, wanted to deal with 112 people (or even 60) showing up for a 9:00am shotgun.  Social distancing would have been near impossible during the registration. 3. Staging the carts could have been a nightmare. 4. Sometimes one needs to protect some of our fellow golfers from themselves.  We have a friendly, cohesive group who enjoy starting and finishing together.  I don't think anyone doubts that masks and social distancing has succeeded in slowing the rate of infection.  If 112 golfers start and finish together, there is a greater risk of infection among a vulnerable group.  Inevitably, some of our group would not wear a mask or social distance from each other. 5. Yes, we are making decisions for adults who should be able to decide for themselves what level of risk they will assume.  If they do not like our approach, no one is stopping them from receiving a refund.  We want our members to be around next year when, hopefully, things have returned to "normal".
    • Yeah..and I’m a bit spoiled as I’ve seen you hit an 8i.....😮
    • Hello and welcome to TST. What clubs are you hitting now? 3 wood off the tee for now? Nonsense. Learn to hit the driver. I highly recommend you go and hit a few SGI irons and see what performs best for you. If you’re not able to try/get fitted..then you’re guess is as good as mine with all the options. That being said...a five year old set of any top brand will suit you fine. Ping G series, Callaway RAZR/Big Bertha, TM R series...all as you have looked at. Graphite shafts may be fine for you. You can also search used irons with Aerotech shafts as they are pretty popular being ‘steel/graphite’ shafts.  Get a driver, adjustable with 10.5* to start. You may want to keep it under 70g if you know you struggle with swing speed. 50-60g even. Golf is hard. You won’t be able buy a big improvement. But if you search for SGI irons from any top brand you should be fine to get yourself started.
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