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    • Business marketing 101.....For many years I was in the Procurement Dept at a local mining/manufacturing site.  As you can surmise I heard "new", "improved", "more reliable", "better than last year's",.... again and again and again.  Boogielicious is right, Marketing spends tons of bucks to make the biggest claims possible while staying in the bounds of defensible claims by Legal.  The regulatory gurus have the OEM's and related crews in such a narrow box for improving things, they have to make the consumer "think" it sounds, hits, swings, plays, flies, lands, goes in the hole better than ever....or else we would not buy it.  Fender continues to reinvent, excuse me "tweak" the Telecaster guitar, yet when you look at it  - it is pretty much the same guitar that Leo debuted in the 1950's with some slightly improved electronics, tuners, fret wire, etc.  A golf club is still a stick with a head of some sort on it and a golf ball is still a golf ball (but comes with dimples now!) and the game is still something we all enjoy to have a good discussion about.  
    • Welcome to The Sand Trap! Lots of areas on the forum to ask questions and learn. When you have a chance, pick an avatar.
    • No. We didn't manage to get the ball near the cart path. Ever.  Ok. Maybe a slight exaggeration there, but walking forward beats the hell out of walking sideways and between slices and shanks we walked sideways a lot. Besides all that, we had this deal where I was routinely hitting the ball 50 yards further than he was. That meant waiting for him to play his shot before I could get to mine, nearly all the time. It sucked. I hated it.
    • An additional benefit. In addition the FTC is probably too busy counting their money from trade tariffs at the moment to worry about golf advertising.
    • I work as a Firefighter/Emt, along with running a small cattle operation as a hobby. Being a firefighter allows me 2 days out of every 3 for golf so I’ve gotta say it’s the best job around.....
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