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    • I’m not saying it that it doesn’t show you where you are lined up. My point is just because you are lined up where you want doesnt for certain make you more putts like they claim it will. 
    • My club operations are closed, but only members can walk the course. Some staff is present daily but has no interactions with members Members are still billed monthly dues with no reductions. At least it's somewhat peace of mind knowing the Owner will probably not close the doors in the near future.  
    • Most people at our club pay dues up front at the end of December. You can get a payment plan through the first half of the year, but at a 6% hit. All dues must be paid by the end of June. Nobody I have spoken to expects any rebates or discounts. We are completely shut down but have not laid anybody off and full time employees are still getting paid, so the dues are critical to making that work. We have put together an employee supplement program as well and the membership has been very generous. The sad thing is that we had a stellar 2019 and had a nice fund set up to do some projects that needed attention and now I wonder if they will get done. We will get through this but I also wonder about some other clubs in our area who were already struggling.    Some members are complaining about not being allowed to play, as it is an outdoor endeavor but our local golf association petitioned the Governor about a waiver and he said no. Even Merion specifically asked for one and was turned down. I have noticed one local club in particular that has a lot of players on the course every day and it is driving some of our member crazy.
    • For me... Backswing - steady head, full turn Downswing - steady head, shift weight forward, point butt of club at the ball (impact - bottom of swing past the ball) Follow through - extend through the ball with straight arms, full follow through turn. It's pretty easy to see some of the 5 simple keys, like steady head, and weight forward (especially when it's obvious like when almost all of someones weight is on their back foot through the downswing through follow through).  
    • @iacas Yes, March was paid in Feb, but they did not bill April yet since the club closed. They just sent April’s bill and want people to mail in a check to their office in CA. I don’t use checks and am not going out just to buy a stamp to mail this in. The club has laid off everyone except one person to maintain the course. Re: congregating - it is both members and non-members. Seems like some members are inviting their friends from other courses to play, and the usual groups (mostly younger players) are still playing as a group as if things are normal. A friend lives by a tee box and she said last weekend was so busy, there were groups back to back from 8am to 7pm. She could tell many were not from our club. She saw people playing barefoot, a teenager playing naked, some goofing around, some beating the life out of the tee boxes, etc. The bathrooms are closed so people were just using whatever bushes they saw fit. She played yesterday alone on a par5 and a ball flew in her direction out of nowhere. A few minutes later a few guys, in flip flops, came in sight holding just a few clubs and a 6-pack.  Turned out they were playing the hole backwards and didn’t think that would be an issue... I agree that it is not possible to police the course and prevent members from playing (many live in the golf community). But to open the door for anybody to come in is a different story.  @NM Golf Yes anyone can play Tanoan if  you have a member bring you in. But it’s not like you can just walk in, pay and play.  And they limit the same guest to only 3 or 6 games/year, at least for the last 3 years I was there. But of course, anyone who can get into Tanoan can just walk on, but we rarely see that.  Perhaps you can come by and see if you can get in to play!  @Mr22putt Thanks, I am bored but doing well. I have been in home isolation because my husband works at a hospital and I don’t know what he is going to bring home, so I don’t want to risk spreading anything if I go out.  And I certainly don’t want to pick up anything and pass it on to him. He cannot afford to be sick. I have been practicing in my backyard but have lost my swing/feel. I keep hitting the ball outside my yard and I fear someone may get hurt from my errant shots... I hope you are doing well yourself! I have no problem paying parts of my dues if they are maintaining the course. But they let everyone go except one maintenance guy. It is not possible for one person to maintain a 27-hole course.  I can quit my club and play elsewhere, but there isn’t even a person to contact since everyone is gone. @SteveH At least your club is still maintaining/improving the course. I wouldn’t mind paying my dues if that’s what my club is doing! They even want to charge the F&B minimum when the clubhouse is closed. I just looked at my bill - they are tagging on a trail fee too.
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