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Shaft weight

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Currently have Titleist 714 mb/cb combo set in x100 shafts. Was wondering if a heavier shaft swung at the same speed would produce more distance? In simple physics the answer would be yes, but does anyone have experience with this?  Also I heard it will help with a left miss, RH.  If so,  recommendations on a heavier shaft. 

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The theoretical answer would be yes, but the practical answer is no or at least not enough to probably be measurable. In most cases the speed you lose would counter the E=MC squared you were hoping to take advantage of.

As far as heavier shaft goes, you are already at the top of the weight chart. 130g x100. You could get maybe 3 more grams going into X7 or a 7.0 PX, but 3 grams in the shaft is not worth chasing after. As far as the left miss, heavier might help, but it just as well might make it worse. Depends how you react to the weight. Stiffer shaft can also help against left miss but again depends on the golfer and what causes that miss.

If you really want to mess around with weight, buy some lead tape and put that on the back of the head, and see how you react to it. Will be far more influential than a shaft change.

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Yeah. Kind of figured that as I haven't seen anything heavier than 130.  As for the lead tape, how much would that affect the shaft/head relationship?  Is this something I'm going to have to just play around with?  I ask cause the balance feels great right now.  Will be replacing the grips very soon though. Not being much of a club maker, there is a way to help with the extra weight on the butt end correct? 

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If you don't want to add any swing weight you can run the lead tape strips down the back of the shaft. This allows you to create a heavier shaft than you could ever buy. Just start it an inch or so below the grip and run it down the shaft.

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