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Flightscope Mevo On Sale - 399 USD at Amazon

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I had been eyeing a Mevo for a while for use at home into a net as well as at the range. I was considering a used one from ebay, but decided to buy a new one from Amazon at this sale price, which is less than a lot of used ones. I hesitated because my son's high school golf team is supposed to get a golf simulator this winter and I think I will be able to use it once in a while, but then I figured my son could also use the Mevo for baseball too.

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32 minutes ago, nevets88 said:

Guessing maybe there’s a new model a comin’?

Do you think they're going to stop selling this one? I don't see why they would.

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    • I play better and quicker when I walk, but I mostly ride now due to knee/ankle issues. If someone is riding with me, I will try to walk a few flat holes to get more exercise.
    • Pain is like that.  Depending upon how one swings the club, a tightened back can affect the shot. Pinehurst 2 was 7 hours.  But you are correct, 6 hour rounds are rare.  I exaggerated.   5+ are common.
    • I actually like my clubs to look beat up, but clean. I don't even cover my woods sometimes. The putter, on the other hand, is always covered. 
    • I don’t see this situation as playing through. I see it as first come first serve on the turn. You go to order food and have to wait a bit with an open tee, I’m going. I don’t see that as rude. Maybe they could have asked earlier in the front 9. 
    • New golf courses are EXPENSIVE to design, build, etc and will only continue to increase in price, and many of the existing ones are simply running out of room to move tee boxes back. FFS Augusta had to buy an entire road so they could move a tee box back recently. Which would absolutely suck because there are soooo many really really good golf courses that exist now that would be able to challenge all aspects of a PGA tour player's game if they didn't hit it so far.  They don't need to be treated as separate events, the pros just need a slight distance limiter (ball, club technology, etc) that allows them to continue to play these iconic and awesome golf courses. Amateurs can buy those balls if they want, or keep playing the regular balls like now. What about upcoming high level amateurs and how would they adjust? Well the same thing exists in Baseball. Across all levels of college baseball metal bats are used. The moment a player gets drafted and signs with a professional team, instantly wood bats. The top hitters still have the ability to hit, just like the top collegiate (or h.s.) golfers would have the ability to score with a shorter ball/equipment when they move up to the next level. That is so BORING to watch though, and it would still be bombs away 90% of the time for the top players, and that can make the distance gap between short and long hitters even more, look at Bethpage last year. Brooks didn't care if his drive went into the rough on most holes because he had the speed to get an 8 iron through the rough and still get his approach shot to the green. A shorter hitter who carried it into the same rough as Brooks but 30 yards further back probably doesn't have enough speed to get their 5 iron through the rough so they have to lay up while Brooks was able to reach the green.  Another example is comparing watching the Ryder Cup to the President's Cup at Royal Melbourne. The rough at Royal Melbourne wasn't super grown in and those fairways weren't super narrow at all but players still got punished when they were out of position because angles into greens actually mattered there.   I know you didn't specifically mention it, but super long rough around the greens is really boring too and easy for the pros to handle. It stops errant shots so much quicker when they miss the green, easier for pros to open the face and slide the club underneath the ball, etc. Pros struggle so much more chipping off of very tight lies and on holes where missing the green in the wrong spot can funnel your ball further away from the hole/green, not keep it close because of the rough. I don't think that narrower fairways and increased rough is the proper solution at all. Yup, this is part of the solution IMO. Make angles into greens matter again.  The other part IMO is equipment related. The driver is the most forgiving club in the bag, I think guys should be penalized more for off-center strikes, knowing if they hit it off the toe or heel there is a chance that ball could be off the planet O.B. Whether that's with a smaller CC driver head, lowering the max MOI, higher spin golf balls, etc I'm not sure, but I think that hitting driver really straight and really far for pros should require more skill than it does now.
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