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Shrinking Misses

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4 minutes ago, amished said:

Then as somebody that's learned a lot from here, and from other reputable sources, I would work on shaping my shots every time you have a non-pitch shot.  Pick whichever one is better for you (draw or fade, I've come around to loving my fade even though my home course tends to set up for a draw better) and try to do that every time.  With practice, you'll get your shape down to a reasonable amount as your "minimum" shape, and occasionally if you overdo it you'll curve a bit more in the direction you were intending to have the ball go anyways.

Also, keep in mind that when I say shape your shots, I'm not telling you to be Bubba and have a 20 yard curve on every shot.  Watching the pros, most of them don't curve it more than 5 yards it seems if they are trying to hit it straightish.  Picking a shot shape and sticking with it until you can be confident that every shot will curve +- 5 yards at the outliers will eliminate the misses you're talking about.  And it will give you something to focus on practicing.  Instead of working half your time on draws and half your time on fades, you can now work 100% of the time on whatever shot you decide to implement.  

That’s a good way to look at it, that I never really thought of. I’ve been working a high, mid, low fade and draw, and I wonder if by doing that I’ve hurt myself on the course even when I’m wanting to or trying to hit it straight. 

Of course this is with my irons. We won’t even talk about my incredibly lazy hands with my drive haha

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