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    • Yeah I'm very glad to have avoided the current keyboards. The better speakers sound great too - I watch plenty of TV on my laptop. For me, I think the $2,700 configuration is a no-brainer. You get the i9, better graphics card, the 1TB hard drive. Getting that config out of the previous generation started you over $3k. For that money now I could even get 32gb of RAM if I wanted. 
    • Yes. Thank you. You’ll enjoy it.
    • I used to work at an upscale semi-private course in the Tampa area (this was 20 years ago). We actually would remove slow groups when they continued to play slow. Now that being said...we were busy. Especially in season. Out tee sheet was booked every day. Out head pro and the owner (who played there very often) decided it was better to piss off one group than the entire golf course. You got warnings (we had a marshal on both nines) and if you didn't close the gap, you were asked to leave and got a refund. It only needed to be done for a few months because our course then got the reputation that it would not tolerate slow play and it solved the problem. Times are different now. Too many golf courses completing for golfers. 
    • I use Golf Pad GPS Tags. Concerned that they MIGHT come off, I looked and looked for a product that says it is for plastic and rubber. Then a user recommended using electrical tape around the edges of the tags and top of grip. Appears to work and hardly noticeable. BTW...The only PURE grip I use is on my putter. Love it. The hole in the butt end seems a little larger than my other grips, but not sure. Best, -Marv
    • After seeing this thread I watched several episodes on demand. The first couple, Gankas and the Mike Adams one, as Iacas said, blew through so many ideas, feels, drills and things to try that I started to get lost and a little confused as there are only a limited number of things I can think about (like maybe one?) on a single golf swing. I liked the Jorge' Parada one, the guy at Liberty National, and the idea of putting bubble wrap under your right armpit and trying to get them to pop on the downswing. So the golf drill with Como hitting with a headcover under his left armpit the bubble wrap under the right with "The Hanger" attached to his grip looked silly  - so I'll definitely try that one. I'll surf through some of the other episodes as well. Thanks to the OP for the thread. I have yet to understand the purpose of the existence of Blair O'Neal on the Golf Channel, other than the obvious. I like looking at good looking women with nice bods just as much as anyone else but she's just a useless distraction. I'm glad she's not on this particular show. (She's probably pouting because she's not.)
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