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Looking to start golfing a little.  I am a teacher and a girls basketball coach.  I am golfing in a fundraiser for the boys basketball, kind of support the program kind of thing.

I have golfed very sparingly in the past.  But, looking to get into it a little.  What is a good place to find some beginner clubs that won't break down immediately and where do I find them?

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I would go to a someplace like Dicks Sporting Goods or your local Pro Shop for advise. Dicks sells beginner clubs that will last and wont break the bank. You can also look at used clubs. I would talk to a Pro and get some good ideas first, maybe a lesson or two before you go out a play.

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If available in your area, you might want to try one of those 2nd stores that carry used sports equipment. 

Out here, one is called "Play It Again Sam's". Not sure what some of the other outlets are named. Check your phone book, or google for your area.

Also, does your school have a golf team? Coach?

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You can find some great deals on used clubs on ebay.  I just bought a set of Titleist DCI 962 irons (3-PW) in very decent condition for $28 plus shipping.  They're no longer cutting edge technology but they are still a good set of clubs for not a lot of money.  You can always spend more later if you wish. 

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Definitely go used. Online, Ebay or 2nd Swing have my vote in the USA. I think golf bidder is a big one in the UK. If you have a brick and mortar that sells used clubs, definitely go in and check that out first though, as you might be able to get a better feel for the clubs. I wouldn't break the bank on your first set and gets something like @Philco did. Pretty decent iron sets can be had for 30-100 dollars.

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Agree with the other posts about buying good quality used clubs.  New golf clubs depreciate quickly as new models arrive annually or sometimes semi-annually.  The technology has improved, however 'quality' used clubs even decades old can provide good performance and service.  Used clubs can also be modified to fit you.  Enjoy the journey as you develop your game and swing.


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@jaymc2007 I agree with all...Buy used on eBay, etc. But pro-type clubs are generally not for beginners (or high handicappers like me). So research what are the best used game improvement clubs for beginners. I like to check the Maltby Playability Factor for one opinion. I think you will find some older clubs are pretty highly rated for their easier-to-hit qualities. Those clubs can be found used at good prices. Best, -Marv

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Go to a place like Dick’s and get a package set, you can get a set with bag of Top Flites for around 200 bucks. Clubs don’t “break” because of the price or brand, they break from misuse. Don’t get caught up in “name brand itus “. Learn to hit the ball and learn what different clubs are used for before spending a ton of money. Get some new inexpensive balls like “Nitro”. They’re about 7 bucks a dozen . I’m a 10 handicap and I can play with them as well as anything out there. It takes a while to learn golf. Have fun, practice and be patient.

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