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Choosing the right ball for you does matter, but it is less important when you are starting out and it becomes more important as your game improves.

Many years ago in one of the first lessons I took, the teaching Pro told me to always play the same brand/type ball and that that advise alone will save me 2 strokes on average per round. What he meant was that by playing the same ball over time I would get accustomed to the way it reacts, especially around the greens which would translate to a few strokes less I would find on my scorecard. Now this is not to say you should not experiment a little first especially if you are just starting out. But over time you should be able to settle on a ball that feels right for you.

Now-a-days a person can get fitted for a ball, but you really shouldn't do that until you've developed some resemblance of a game. There are new balls coming out all the time and the marketing hype around them can be very confusing. So good advise from boogilicious, start with a ball that fits you budget because you will lose golf balls. As your game gets better and you settle on a brand/type you like, try staying with just it for a while, it might help and it certainly can't hurt.


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1 hour ago, boogielicious said:

Welcome to The Sand Trap. If you are just starting out, go with the least expensive balls. Even used ball will play pretty well. Once you start playing with more confidence, then it will be time to evaluate the ball to best fit your game. 

^^ This.

I see too many new players or high hcp players using Pro v1s or other similar tour balls because they often told they are the best available.

Start off with something cheap(ish) like a 2 piece ball, things like Srixon Distance, Callaway Warbird/CXR Power or the like. When you get better and more confident then look at moving up to either a higher grade 2 piece (AD333, Q start etc.) or a mid level 3 piece.

Recycled balls (pearl/mint grade) are a good option till you get good but there are often great deals on new balls if you are willing to hunt them down.

On the other hand, if you want to play Pro V's then go for it. At then end of the day we cant tell anyone how to spend their money (not wisely anyway :-P)

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Yeah, start off with the less expensive balls, and work your way up from there. 

Most beginners lose lots of balls when starting out. Better to lose a $0.50-$0.75 ball, than a $3.00-$4.00 one. 

As a golfer's swing gets better, that golfer will try different brands, and finally settle on 1 or 2 models they like. 

I have a favorite brand/model.. However, alot of that favoritism is due to the convenience of buying them. They are available just anout ever where. My reality is that I shoot the same scores regardless of what ball. I use

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@Ryan Harris

Welcome to the forum. 

Here's the thing, what golf ball you use is akin to what pizza you like or choosing your favorite beverage. There's not really a "right" answer. There are some brands of golf balls, pizza or beverages which are more popular than others. But the only way to really know what you like is to try a bunch of them. 

There will be factors in your decision including, but not limited to, how far the ball flies, how much it spins, how it feels off the clubface, how much it costs, how durable it is, if it has an alignment aid printed on it, maybe even what color it comes in. 

For the most part (there are always exceptions), the golfers I know fall into one of three categories. 

1 - The golfers who will literally play any ball. Perhaps, they play what ever lost balls they find out there.

2 - Golfers who play one "type" of golf ball. Perhaps they play a 3 piece distance ball with urethane cover. But they don't really care which brand. 

3 - Golfers who are loyal to one (maybe two) particular ball(s). They always buy the same model and brand. 

When starting out most folks just play what they can afford. As you play more and more you'll find some you like better than others for any myriad of reasons. 

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Everyone has a different perspective... I have been playing for a number of years, but that is what I do with golf, play.  I practice at the range and putt around about 1 time a month, but I play 4 to 5 times a month.  I used to just play the least expensive ball I could find at Walmart.  Didn't matter if it was Noodle or Nitro, just cheapest.  The whole time I would shoot around 100, and occasionally mid 90's.   A few years ago, I began to play a softer ball and settled on the Callaway SuperSoft for about $20 a dozen.  They do not do everything a premium ball does for you, but at my level, I don't hit many greens in regulation and have learned to play the roll out on chips, etc.  My suggestion, find a ball you are comfortable with price wise and with the way it feels and just play it....My brother has played the Noodle for about 10 years and he shoots in the mid 80's on average...You will likely lose 4 balls a round, so do you want to $20 a round or less than $4 a round?

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@Ryan Harris Welcome to TST!

There are a lot of smart people on this site filled with excellent information and knowledge on this site.  I am not one of those, but I do have an opinion.

Reconditioned or recycled golf balls are a great way to go.  There are websites such as TGW.com that always have golf balls on sale and you can find a dozen for $10.00 to $12.00.  I usually get a couple dozen Wilson Elite 50 yellow balls to start the year off with as the first couple dozen tend to disappear the fastest.  Currently on sale for $10.95/dozen.

On those Par 3s over water, yump switch out to a ball that you do not mind losing.  In fact always carry 3 to 4 balls with you that you do not mind losing no matter how good you get at golf.  There are days where nothing works except losing golf balls.  

Once again, Welcome!  Enjoy this wonderfully crazy game and utilize this site for the wealth of knowledge and insight that is available.  


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    • Hoping there are a few people here who are using Game Golf Live, and can advise, as I was getting well frustrated on the course yesterday.  I am still fairly new to using Game Golf, got it gifted 6 months ago, but only now been playing with it Anyway, on the course yesterday, just could not get it to work stable.  Switched on the Game GPS Unit, it started flashing, then bleeped, white light flashing then paired it with the game golf app on the phone.  It showed my location, so thought off we go .... tag'd my first club the GPS Puck, flashed and vibrated, briefly saw the app show 1 shot, before it went back to 0 ..... took my shot anyway, go to the next shot, again, showed my location, tag'd my club, again same vibrate .. but still no register showing on the phone.  Checked the GPS unit, their seemed to be no lights on, however, it was still registering my location At this point, I ended the round, quit the app, switched off the puck, and then tried to reconnect it all again .... it seemed to go through the same as above ... at this point, got annoyed and switched it off for the round, as it was to distracting So, just wondered, what process / order do people use to get their Game Golf connected correctly.  Do you switch on the puck first, the app .. .what order is this done in
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    • Day 9.  Hit balls for ten minutes indoors, off a mat, into a net.  6-iron.  Focused on completing the backswing.  Balls were plastic.
    • My best shot of the week was hitting a 240yd drive on a par 5 hole twice! No winter roll, no downhill/wind, no cartpath. Just hit it perfectly with a slight draw to the middle of the fairway - ended up with a birdie on that hole both times!
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