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    • I am getting very tired of these slow starts. 6-6-5-4. 6 over before  hit the 5th tee. Doesn't matter how many I hit at the range, it always seems to take me 4 holes to loosen up and settle in......
    • Just buy one more hybrid, you hit that really good!!!  Glad to see you back at the game again. It was fun playing golf with you up in Wisconsin! 
    • I hope more and more people are figuring this stuff out, taking those CC fitting sheets to other fitters and getting fit the right way. I just don't get how someone can look at those prices and be ok with that??
    • Played 9 today.  had my best off the tee nine holes in a while. Weakened the right hand slightly so fast the right thumb feels more on top of the left thumb and less off to the side. It helped me feel like I could swing out at the ball better. 
    • This seems like a great consideration. I'm going to reach out to the girls friends' parents and see if I can add more to the party. We have a first tee program here that I'd like to sign them up for, but they have so many activities and camps scheduled for the summer that the 6 week programs they run don't work for us. That is great to hear he is playing golf at a high level, and that he found the right sport for him. I love this idea. It seems like a great way to play with kids. I'm going to keep this in mind.
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