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    • Felicitations my good people.   I frequent the r/golf subreddit, however the same inane topics are posted daily and the level of insight I see proffered is not of the calibre I find beneficial. This quandary led me to TST where I was astounded by the level of discussion amongst its members and I have decided to join its ranks.   I hail from Johannesburg, South Africa, and I am an international commercial attorney by trade, which allows me to play in the mornings as my clients business hours start at around my 3pm. The moniker "Gangster's Paradise" was given to Johannesburg as a result of the fact that the number plates of cars denote "GP" or "Gauteng Province". Lamentably, the gangster's paradise aspect is of course evident to anyone with a cursory knowledge of the city, and dare I say, the country.   I started playing golf from about 6 or 7 - I would carry my father's clubs around every weekend and he would let me hit his 7i to trickle shots up the fairway. I played casual golf in my teens (maybe half a dozen rounds a year) and completely stopped when I went to college.  Last year I was visiting my parents down in the Garden Route and my father and I played some courses there (for anyone who has ever visited the garden route, it is truly the Golf Mecca of the African continent). Suffice it to say I was once again hooked... I dusted off my old Wilson Staff Di7's and joined my local club - Randpark, which offered unlimited rounds on 2 European Tour courses, as well as unlimited range time with InRange radar, all for the princely sum of $50 a month. The goal is to become a single digit handicap. When I first joined I thought I was an 18 index (as that's what my father would always play off). I quickly realised that I was indeed not an 18hi! 50 rounds in since October last last I have managed to drop to a 14.9. My current bag consists of: Driver: Titleist 917d2 10.5* + Aldila 60gm R-flex FW: Titleist 917f2 16.5* + Evenflow 75gm R-flex (however I have a 2008 Burner 15* 49gm R-flex which I still prefer). Irons: Mizuno MP-57's with R300 shafts Wedges: Mizuno MP T5 52, Callaway MD3 56/60 Putter: Wilson Staff Infinite Bean 34" Balls: Srixon AD333, Z-Stars (I get them extremely cheap) Bag: Adams Golf/Mizuno stand Bag   I look forward to getting to know more about the other members in due course!   Kind regards,   Manna
    • Certainly. This computer is pretty old—it’s a MacBook Pro, mid-2012, with High Sierra. Maybe it works because it’s a dinosaur? Haha 
    • Shot 87, 40/47. Two blowup holes near the end derailed a great round.  One, the par 5 that gets me, I dunked it into the stream that bi-sects the fairway.  Double bogie. The next hole is a par 3. Tee shot into the sand trap, took 3 strokes to get out 😡. The last hole is a par 5 and I ended with a bogey.  Except for that stretch it was a great round.   i think my nutrition was off so my concentration was diminished.  Gotta experiment with that some more.  
    • Rahm out as well after another positive test.
    • I’ve been using Live paired with my iPhone without major issue the last 10 rounds or so. I’ve been starting the device, then pairing to the app so I can use the GPS if needed. Occasionally, the app will not know what hole I’m on for distances or I have to manually go to that hole. However, at the end, I’m able to edit the round on my phone with no issues. I then can open the round on my iPad and edit further if needed.
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