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    • Awesome thanks for the tip.  Just so I am not so shocked and devestated when shafts break, is it common for them to fail eventually like this?  If I practiced with a similar 7 iron with a steel shaft as a practice club would it throw off my play once I moved back to my graphite clubs?
    • You can show all the "advanced metrics" you want, but they do not show anything about preparation for the big games.  Statistics show the past....not necessarily a prediction of the future.  This is different because it is "one and done".  I never said Clemson should be #1....I just said that I think Clemson is the "best" team.  So, if you had your choice, everyone would rather play Oklahoma first and not Clemson.  Why?  Because Clemson is a good team and can beat any of the other 3 teams... Now, a little switch....looking at the bowl games you have Michigan vs Alabama...will Harbaugh be coaching Michigan during that bowl game or will he take another job in the NFL, like with Carolina Panthers.  Harbaugh has to know that he will never beat Ohio State and it is only a matter of a short time before all at Michigan understand this and give Harbaugh a ride out of town....Will Alabama show up or kick the can because they are not playing on the "big stage"?
    • I disagree. It's just another factor to consider in taking your shot. It's not impossible, just something that has to be thought of. When you stand over your ball in the rough, you have to consider how high the rough is, whether your ball is sitting up, or down, etc. Same thing. The thing is, and what this whole thread is about, is if you're used to having perfectly manicured bunkers, then it gets frustrating if you find yourself in a poorly maintained spot. I get it. But it's golf. You take what the course gives you and adjust accordingly. I play all the time in bunkers of various conditions and I just deal with it. Sometimes I'm in someone's footprint. Sometimes you hit a perfect drive down the middle of the fairway and end up in a divot hole. It is what it is. If not maintaining bunkers saves a course money to either stay viable and open for play or to be able to take that money and make improvements to course maintenance elsewhere, I'm all for it.
    • The OSU versus Clemson matchup,  OSU tries to run the ball more often than Clemson (63% to 53%). OSU's passing game is more efficient and explosive than Clemson's. OSU has a passer rating of 188 to Clemson's 163. OSU has a passing average of 9.3 to 8.7. Clemson has the best rushing average in the nation at 6.46 to Ohio State's 5.67.  These teams are very similar in yards per play on offense and defense,  CLEMSON Offense Defense Passing 8.70 5.30 Rushing 6.46 2.97       Ohio State Offense Defense Passing 9.30 5.30 Rushing 5.67 2.82 What if you average the defense versus offense of the yards per play. You have something like, Clemson gaining 419 yards to OSU gaining 412 yards. At these yardages, it will be a very tight game. Probably something in the low 30's. Field position could be a big deal in this game. 10 yards of field position advantage could add an additional 120 yards. I was curious if Clemson gets pressure with their DL versus their LB or DB's. 50% of their sacks come from their DL and 37% comes from their LB. Versus 70% of the sacks come from OSU's DL versus 22% from their LB. This could be a big deal since Clemson likes to throw the ball more often than OSU.  Here is an issue for Clemson, they are ranked 103rd in Special Teams. Their field goal kicker is 66% on the season. OSU is ranked in the top 20 in special teams.  I think that OSU will be able to stall Clemson's offense more then they can our offense. The reason being, I think Clemson will have to get to the QB by blitzing their LB's. Day is really good at exploiting defenses that need to get pressure with more than 4 players. OSU's defensive concept is to force teams to go on long drives with a DL that can get to the QB and cause TFL. I am not sure how often Clemson gets out of a 5 man protection for the QB, but Chase Young has proven you can not block him 1v1. He had zero sacks that last two games because the teams have put three guys on him. Will Clemson take away a WR to bring in an extra TE or OL to help out?  I will take OSU in a close game 34 to 31. 
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