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TRUE Linkswear's 10th Anniversary Announcement?

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Let's see:

  • 10th anniversary.
  • Special Limited Edition "something"
  • Showing an OG Premium (the "original")

What could it be?

Oh, and to answer the question about my favorite models? I have two in particular that I adored:

  • The original Tour.
  • The Sensei.


1. What were some of your favorites?

2. What do you think will be announced on Thursday?

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I was going to ask you @iacas if you knew. Can’t wait to see. Sensei was a great pair but for playability I love The originals. Water proof stylish and extremely comfortable. They surpassed my expectations for comfort. More so I think than the Se sensei. 

I did like the protos also but Orginals take it. 

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Oh, I don't play much golf in the Sensei, but would wear them indoors to Golf Evolution, or when I KNEW it was really dry, or to run errands, or do workouts… etc.

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I wish i bought a few extra pairs of the Sensei shoes. I loved that shoe for everyday wear and working out. 

I like the True Major, it's a super comfortable shoe.  

Right now, I wear the Knit shoes the most. 

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1 minute ago, iacas said:

They're leather.

Thanks.  To me, the part with the holes made it look like mesh in the pix.

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