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Unboxing TRUE Linkswear's OGX, a Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Tribute to the Original Tour Model

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The TRUE Linkswear OGX, available here (https://truelinkswear.com/true-original-10yr/), is a Limited Edition shoe (I got #16), that celebrates the 10th anniversary of TRUE Linkswear by paying homage to their original TRUE Tour (reviewed here).

In the video above, I talk a bit about the original Tour model, the "Originals" that came out a year or two ago, and the OG Premium, and then unbox and talk about the OGX.

If you want to skip right to the unboxing of the new OGX, go to 5:26.


The OG10YR celebrates past with the iconic reverse saddle color, present with a modern silhouette, and future with sustainable vegan leather and insane waterproofing and comfort.

We previously (briefly) discussed this shoe here:

I'll add some photos here in a bit.

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If they make the brown/white version of the t1 i am in. Not a fan of the black n white. Not my style but I am i interested in the new leather they chose. 
I reached out to True and they said they were aware of the easy scratching that occurs on the current Originals. 

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11 hours ago, saevel25 said:

I ordered my pair earlier today! I couldn’t help myself 😜

Love it! True and golf stuff in general makes this statement spot on for most of us I would imagine. Enjoy the OGX. 

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The embossed logo:


The heels:


The insides:


The laces:


The lining (diamond pattern):


The sides:


The soles:


The tongue (with a diamond pattern too):


The tongue:


The tops:


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Just ordered a pair. I also thought they were black and white based on the early promotional pictures, but now that I've seen the video and the pictures @iacas posted, I like them much more.

I really liked my Slate Lime Originals and these look even better.


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I got pair number 132. They are really good looking shoes. I'd like to do a review on them after I get a chance to try them on the course. But with the weather and all, it might not be until next season. 


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38 minutes ago, jmanbooyaa said:

Night Camo, anyone order?

I'm going to order a pair of the Night Camo originals. 

I was planning on waiting until after Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday. Just in case there's some kind of really good deal. 

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14 hours ago, jmanbooyaa said:

Night Camo, anyone order?

I wanted to go a little deeper on this. I ABSOLUTELY FREAKING LOVE the TRUE LinksWear 10th Anniversary addition of these. Here's my review:

I would have to say learning about TRUE Linkswear shoes and Edel putters are probably the best two things that have come out of my membership to this forum. 

I am totally jazzed to get the Night Camo Originals. I was actually really surprised how much I like the 10th Anniversary Editions. So, I am looking forward to either a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal on these. I will, however, order them even if there isn't a deal. 

I only have one question. @iacas I know that sometimes you get support if we order through a link on the forum for some products. For example SuperSpeed Golf. Do you have a support link for TRUE Linkswear? I'd like to support you, since you are responsible for turning me on to this product. 


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To add to this because I am not sure if I ever posted. 

when the OG10yr came out I emailed True. I asked if the bulletproof leather was the real deal because the leather on the originals got banged up real quick. 

They responded and said they acknowledged that issue and the new shoes coming out would implement more of the bulletproof leather. 

very excited for Whats next. 

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