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    • If a player consistently bumps up and down between two extremes, I can see a handicap staying the same.  Handicaps vary when the player experiences a trend towards playing better or worse for long enough to make the handicap change.  That's why the system (in the US at least) looks at 20 scores, and takes the best 10, to smooth out the effects of one or two "odd" rounds.   I'm glad this thread has come up at this time, though.  In a few weeks, or a few months (depending where in the world you live) our handicap calculations will change.  For most of us in the US, the handicap will change on Jan 6, immediately, without new scores being posted.  The changes will probably be small, but almost everyone will change some.  Does that mean the current handicap is inaccurate, or that the new one will be?   In my opinion, neither one is inaccurate.  To me, accuracy means that you've posted all of the appropriate scores, applied the required corrections, tried to play your best every time, tried to play by the rules every time.  The new system may change the calculations a bit, change some of the procedures, but if you follow the rules the handicap is accurate.
    • Why play him at all. Sit him out. He ain't exactly on fire. I am pretty sure the last celebration of JT-Tiger will be a meme for months.
    • Finally! This is the sort of thing I made the thread for. Bonvivant, this is a sneaky hole. I think I like mcanadiens plan.  The landing zone about 100 feet shy of the center of the green looks good.  Are you confident in your 200 yard club?
    • My handicap fluctuates from 11 to 15. It seems like everyone else I play with their hc hasn't changed in years. Recently there was a guy that when asked what his hc was he said, "well, uhh, it's not accurate". The guy putting the game together was like, "what does that mean"? This guy says "Oh it says I'm a 7, but that was when I was playing 4X a week". It's like wtf, so when there's $$$ on the line your hc is old, but when it's just normal play you're a 7. Every time I've played with him he shoots 85-90. That's just one example. To me the only thing consistent about a mid-hc, is that we are inconsistent. So how can all these mid-hc stay so consistent with their hc index.
    • I don't really think captaincy on the course is a big factor.  Of course, if you have a very young golfer who has never played match-play type golf, then it might help to guide them, but most golfers at this level have played enough stroke and match play that it doesn't really matter.  Plus, I do believe that seeing the scoreboard to have your captain and possibly idol for many of these golfers, leading, is more inspiration than him talking to you
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